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  • sbrodeur33 sbrodeur33 Feb 8, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

    To anybody who has been watching this company!

    I am thinking about getting into this company. With that being said can anybody tell me if this is a trade or an investment. I notice the swings are quite substantial for such a small company so there is money to be made or lost easily and that kind of worries me. What are my risks with this company, I have researched it a bit and can find no reason for this to be a $2 stock am I wrong im my assumption. With there recent statement saying that Q4 should be good and the recent higher volume than usual I feel this is a no brainer, does anyone who trades this ever have trouble in getting their order filled quickly, the more you can tell me the better, and thanks in advance.

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    • FSI is both a trade and an investment. It may be a good trade at this time as it could be in the initial stages of a similar move to what happened from March - July 2011, when the stock went from $1.40 to $3.40 in less than 4 months. FSI is also an excellent long-term investment that should comfortably exceed its old all-time-high of over $5.0/share in the next few years. FSI as an investment is a "no-brainer" when you understand the technology and the margins they are getting from using the product in Agriculture. Their proprietary technology is a polymer made from an amino acid which is normally made from petroleum. FSI's remarkable innovation is to have developed a process for making the amino acid from sugar beet juice in a plant in Canada. I have not yet read any appreciation of this environmentally friendly development in the investment community. Bottom line for FSI - the higher the cost of food, and the greater the concerns for environmental pollution, the greater will be the cash flow into FSI's coffers.

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      • Your arguments are well thought out and stated equally well so I will consider your claim to be valid , I was thinking the same thing sort of. But what worries me is the newly anointed traders they love to bring something up just to bring in back down again, wow I think I described my ex-girl ha. But anyway IMO we are going to have to put more thought into going greener and as long as there is a dem in the White House, we should get it. Moreover I trust Canadian companies books more than I trust my own country. Nothing against the USA but I have an accounting degree and I know how these things work. So yes I will be in Monday as long as the price suits my strategy. I have read the other posts and if you want to get others excited about this company post more. You may count me crazy for saying that but the big boys have spider technology that combs the net looking for trends so try it see what happens, I am not wrong in this. Thanks again krishak.

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