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  • venerability2 venerability2 Mar 1, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    Perfect Illustration of Why the MM Naked Shorting Exemption Has to Go Bye-Bye!

    No one already Long would possibly be discouraged by those results - again a BEAT! of consensus.

    But whichever Market Makers have Short positions at the moment - and we have a good idea who those are - can simply Naked Short more as camouflage, hoping to shake out whoever they can shake out.

    I really thought they would not possibly have the chutzpah to try this kind of Hail Mary play in the face of what everyone knows is a change in the fiscal year.

    Well, they think they have to try it, let 'em!

    Hope for very high volume, as new or adding Buyers add to their problems getting out of those Short positions, Naked or "Clothed."

    And after the question period, analysts, who are overwhelmingly very Bullish on the company and the stock, can make adjustments to their predictions for the remainder of 2012. I still think we will see RAISED consensus figures and RAISED Targets very shortly.

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    • " analysts who are overlly bulish " are nowhere to be found today.:maybe those very same analysts are crypto shorts. for the ceo and vice presidents of bbd, not to come for an interview on bnn t.v. is quite reavealing.are they hiding something,like the c series is becoming an albatross around their necks,draining resources from other is revealing half the story.if you look at the toronto hockey team fans want ron wilson to be fired ,also jacques martin of the canadians got the ax,whats wrong with asking guy hachey , and his side kick aromone ( two former car executives by the way) to be fired, they had ample airshows for the past 4 years to muster sales for the c series, what did they come up with ?just over 250 on order, and a threat from president of republic airlines that he is " concerned " about the project. the stock is is imploding as i write and all the heavy volume trading activity( THE PAST FEW WEEKS ) had a negative bias .somehow as a long i am totally disappointed for holding on for soo long, believing some of the posts that they are legitimately long, finding out now that 99% of the posts are really shorts. just leave it to this management team to screw it up. really they deserve to be locked up.. why dont you do the honorable thing today .... " R E S E I G N " appearing on cramer did not help, did you notice whenever somebody appears on cramer the stock tanks.. also the mention of a nyse listing, if this sell-off continues there is a good chance of a listing on the pink sheets.. when the analysts ( idiots ) appear on a businees channel beware they dont have your best interests at hand as witnessed on bnn with two recommendations the past two weeks.. . . a dismal track record for "financial experts " makes bernie maloff look like a saint ... . schulich business school should offer a course on business " integrety " bay street ,together with the print media stated that the business jet are doing " fine "what a bunch of liars

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      • Someday you're going to read my posts accurately and try to absorb them - or perhaps your robotic scanning program doesn't allow you to do that.

        This is one of the purely silliest Hail Mary Support-Shorts-Via-More-Shorts plays I have seen in a very long time.

        And once more, I think the Shorts acting it out - both actual MMs and MM Groupies - will find they are in worse shape afterwards than previously, as new buyers come in and eat up any real inventory available - probably not much.

        And your contention that M. Hachey won't appear on Canadian television is utterly idiotic - probably qualifies as slander, too. I'm sure he will soon. Maybe he has some meetings right now - or a dentist's appointment. Since when does our little Chertsie control the scheduling of All Canadian Media, anyway? Gosh - so powerful and still has time to pollute the Yahoo boards day and night!

        (If you want to use me as a Sentiment Gauge, I would definitely buy more today, given unlimited funds. Why look a gift horse in the mouth?)

      • BTW:

        reavealing = revealing
        RESEIGN = resign
        integrety = integrity

        Glad to help. Now lurn too spel.

      • Pink sheets, Blurtsy? Gimme a break.

        Constant whiner.

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