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  • chertsy2000 chertsy2000 Mar 2, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    flash : being listed in nyse :" PINK SHEETS "

    london : july airshow coming : maybe they should skip this airshow ?

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    • a) European air traffic is down significantly in the past fiscal year.

      b) Many US and European airlines are in austerity programs due to being unable to project future revenues, labour strife, pension shortfalls and fuel costs.

      c) European banking concerns will continue to tighten on new lending until such time as the Euro is free of the Greek debacle (which will surely be followed by and Italian, Spanish and Portuguese debacles along the same scale). It's not going to "go away" any time soon. Get used to it.

      d) Growth regions should be focused upon, namely the Pacific Rim and South America (Embraer has the lead in South America). BBD has a great presence both in the PRC and in India and the partnerships to build on sales for both aviation and rail projects. Rail should never be overlooked.

      e) Rail always has, and will continue to be the backbone of Bombardier. Nobody seems to focus on this, and its tremendous potential for mass-transit systems. Granted, margins are not as high, but scale is nothing to sneeze at. Rail will continue to grow significantly.

      f) C-series, C-series, C-series. Too much focus on C-series. Sales will come, just a matter of time. It's the right product at the right time but worldwide economic worries are hindering it at the moment. Fuel costs will drive sales, just a matter of time.

      g) "A" & "B" class shares are not helpful, neither is direct large ownership by the Beaudoin (sp?) family.

      h) NYSE has a minimum listing price for shares, for which at this time BBD does not qualify for listing.

      i) In order for BBD to qualify for listing on the NYSE, a reverse split would seem to be in order, perhaps to the tune of 1 for 3 in order to qualify for listing.

      j) Fitch's downgrade was to have been anticipated, based on burn rate, lower book orders, Euro crisis, airline industry woes, etc.

      k) Share price has been as low as the mid-$2 range. Those that bought at that time have doubled, whereas those that bought in the high-$4 range are crying the blues. It's all a matter of "timming" (Sorry, couldn't help it).

      l) Naked shorting is a major factor in the large swings of this equity and until such time as naked shorting becomes a concern for the watchdog, these large scale fluctuations will continue. Get used to it.

      Now, as you can see, even though I don't sit on a foreign relations committee in Washington, I at least understand the fundamentals of the equity in which I've invested. If you don't understand what it is that you've invested in, and aren't prepared to be patient and follow the direct and indirect events governing, and pertaining to stock price, then perhaps you should stick to mutual funds.

      If you're going to stalk me around the internet, Blurtsy, could you at least brush up on your spelling skills?

      In one single post, I've contributed more to this board than you've contributed in 100 posts since October of last year.

      'Nuf said.

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