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  • mroleandn2000 mroleandn2000 Sep 14, 2012 2:54 PM Flag

    Program Moving Along

    "The assembly of the test airframe is another significant development as we make headway in the intense ground testing phase before the CSeries aircraft''s flight test program. The fuselage sections in the test airframe are being joined and we''re looking forward to adding the wings and the empennage, and starting the stress tests."

    The test airframe − comprised of both metallic and composite structures − is being fitted and assembled in a test rig consisting of a superstructure of steel towers and trusses, as well as loading structures and loading actuators that will be used to apply loads to the test airframe. To demonstrate static strength, a series of load cases - representing flight maneuvers, landing, take-off and other in-flight and on-ground conditions − will be applied to the free-floating, non-restrained, counterbalanced test airframe. For selected load cases, internal cabin pressure will also be applied when simulating in-flight conditions.

    During testing, strain gauges will be used to measure and record up to 8,000 parameters at defined locations on the airframe. Data from the strain gauges will be monitored by Bombardier''s stress engineers, as well as by the partners and suppliers that are involved in the development of structural components for the CSeries aircraft.

    Bombardier also recently announced that the company is now conducting virtual flights with "Aircraft 0"* - the on-the-ground Integrated Systems Test and Certification Rig (ISTCR) for the CSeries aircraft at Mirabel, Québec. The avionics, electrical, flight control, fly-by-wire, hydraulic, landing gear and wiring systems are all commissioned, and systems integration and communication have been successfully demonstrated.

    Other rigs being used during the ground test phase are: the Engineering Flight Simulator (ESIM) designed and built by CAE and now being installed at the Mirabel ground testing facility; the avionics Systems Integration Test Stand (SITS) and the Flight Controls Integration Lab (FCIL), which are already commissioned at Rockwell Collins'' and Parker Hannifin''s facilities respectively; and the Interior and Environmental Control Systems (ECS) rig which is being completed at Mirabel."

    Buyers are waiting for the test flight results. That's just the way it is. Deal with it.

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    • my my eloquent post, no spelling errors, just like a pr dept ...... believe me i`m dealing with it.....are you done heading for mt tremblant, after this awe inspiring post..... you get paid for this ... lol .....

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      • Actually, dingbat...I cut and pasted it because the new format doesn't permit URL's. Were you to highlight the content of the post and then paste it in your search bar, you'd come up with the URL. I specifically posted the content in quotes so that the average reader would know that it was a cut 'n paste.

        You've really got to do something about this obsessive little trait you've been exhibiting.

        BTW, anyone with an average education can manage a post without spelling errors. Give it a shot sometime. I'm rooting for you.

        Watch out for the BBD boogeymen, Blurtsy. They've probably got your house staked out and your phone lines tapped. Hey, maybe the stakeout team has weekends off, so you'll be fine.

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