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  • chertsy2000 chertsy2000 Oct 22, 2012 1:56 PM Flag

    this site is deliberately being blocked url

    so much for free speech.......... basterds i would say .....

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    • The site works for me, Blurts. Maybe all that tinfoil wallpaper in your lair is screwing with your router. Of course, all that's on this board is ineffectual post after ineffectual post from yourself, often as not, replying to yourself.

      Keep whining, it's doing wonders for the share price. Yawn.

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 1 Reply to mroleandn2000
      • keep supporting this dismal management team it seems to work for you.... you definetly are not a long term holder of bbd.... seem to fit more the brother in law of beaudoin so how dare you ever,ever criticise management..... the recent 'upgrade by doerkson or the gazette article had a ' positive ' spin for this stock i'm sure was sooting for you ... if you read more into it ,( i dont know if you have that ability) , your only forte is will notice that the upgrade and gazette article had a negative spin to it .... the perception of a behive of activity at mirabe( gazette article over the weekend )l does not square with the order docket nor with the stock price as of to date..... if we had a more hands on management they would not come home empty from airshows the past few quarters, and would certainly not issue press releases at 3:58 pm friday just two minutes before stock exchanges closing bell..... so you continue with your spelling atributes ,while i focus on execution ,or lack there of...... $ 3.69 as i'm typing........ keep cheering mroland , people at h.q. will support you........ to the detrimant of longs.............. launch date still up in the air ,just like the share price.......... oh yes yes they are working frantically and they did ' deserve ' that bonus last year.....

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