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  • mroleandn2000 mroleandn2000 Mar 19, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Blurts, you're stalking me?

    Following me around the internet like some little lost cyber-puppy, what up wit dat?

    I thought I paid enough attention to you, being the only one in the cyber-universe attempting to have a rational discussion with you. Alas...........

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    • cssis i checked it up .. its a secret service branch of canada established to 'protect canadian citizens'' this is why they got rid of the ombudsman last year , and here willy nilly you mention them .did the beaudoin family ask you people to stalk me ? maybe my criticism of their lack of transparency was too much for them ,such as a borderline libel suite ... well too damn bad, as for csiss these people are their to protect the '' establishment '' if these people would be in cypress they would their best to protect laundered and '' stolen '' money from the former soviet union... so much for you miochondrial dna ......

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      • Yeah, yeah....okay.

        But stalking me around the internet?

        You're right, I put CSIS onto you when my Dad (Beaudoin) couldn't sleep at night because of your nefarious posts, keep it up and I'll have to send over the Men In Black to erase your memory.

        Man, you are one strange little cyber puppy. Stalk away.

        Now, did you notice that Bombardier refuted the Swiss Rail story? You're nothing if not evasive, Blurts. (and it's mitochondrial).

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