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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 Jun 22, 2013 5:26 PM Flag


    I believe the fed may increase qe4 as early as tuesday or wednesday as rates skyrocket. but one thing is for sure, the fed will share this with obama and his friends in the white house before he shares it with you and me. therefore, the whitehouse gets juicy tidbits of tradeable info. Out of bernanke and co. Well in advance to call a broker and put those buy and short orders into effect. that's why the rich get richer and the rest of the country, the middle and lower income groups get slaughtered with investing in bonds and stocks. that's why i have chosen to keep my cash in my pockets and in my bank savings acct. Yielding close to nothing, with just a small gambling stash of 5% of my total net worth to trade upon. i get it right 85% of the time, so i suppose this is a good reason to continue trading the swings. However, i can totally appreciate all of you who have tossed your hands in the air and given up on trading and investing all together. you should, because the fed is a scam, a game made up by the rich and those in the white house who get fed the info. From the fed to make their piles of cash bigger. obama has been short bonds since last week, i guarantee it. he marches in front of the media all smiles, and laughing because he's trading on the info. You and i don't have access to until it's spewed by cnbc and bloomberg on any given morning. by that time, it's already old news, right? so my advice, just take your money and walk.

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    • I don't think we hear anything from the Fed as the Bernanke disaster will keep him behind closed doors and ashamed to show his ugly face for a while... I wouldn't be surprised if he is being harassed now from a lot of people and beefing up his security. Today Stock markets fall worldwide again after China crashes into bear market territory. From Bloomberg: The Shanghai Composite Index (SHCOMP) declined 5.3 percent to 1,963.24 at the close, the biggest loss since Aug. 31, 2009, while the CSI 300 dropped 6.3 percent.

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    • One of these times the Fed will lose control of the bond market and that time might be now. People seeing the Ponzi's end will not be fooled or moved by the Fed's QE. In fact, QE will backfire and the more Ben prints the higher bond yields will climb.

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      • Do you really think that if the fed would have said last week that the " world economic growth is beginning to weaken SIGNIFICANTLY, with China and Europe showing Weakness most Notable, so the fed has voted in favor of additional QE with emphasis on purchasing an additional 25 Billion dollars of US Treasury Bonds in addition to the 45 Billion we are currently purchasing each month.", that bond prices would have fallen? If you believe that, then you believe in "Father Christmas" too. : )))

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