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  • chickemmen2002 chickemmen2002 Mar 31, 2005 3:37 PM Flag

    A rumor ?

    Has anyone heard about a rumor that Bob Evans is looking at a merge with a large company?


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    • Have not heard, BUT WOW I'll just bet you have an inside source of such goings on? Better not buy the stock now. It would be insider trading!!!

      You sure have the gift of causing a stir (usually fried).

    • Odd title for a post, but 2 1/2 years later, not much has changed.Managers still have their hands tied as they are told to meet expectations that are almost impossible. And they are still looking over their shoulders.It's a shame.

    • Bravo, superb, excellent, wonderful, insightful, sorry, the dog just ate my thesaurus or I would continue. Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I agree with everything you said and endorse it wholeheartedly. I'd like to add, that with the way the company is being run right now, one way to save money would be to cancel all of the Managing Employee Performance and Building Leadership Teams classes. I see no member of management (let alone employees) who are being empowered to perform. The classes are a complete waste of time and money.
      Morale stinks, and there really is no motivation to perform whatsoever.
      The company has a great foundation, but in time even a foundation will crumble. Most of the building is already gone, but right now it is still possible to rebuild. It's gotta be done soon.
      I have quite alot of stock, at least for a middle aged working man, and I'm holding in the hopes that we will recover.

    • Is it any wonder the stock is going where it is going with all this kind of harmony going on? I feel it is time to clean the barn, oust Stewart Owens, and fire all the trouble makers. I sure hope someone responsible at Ariel Capital Management, Inc. or Barklays Global investors, NA the two largest holders of BOBE stock read some of these posts to see how the Bob Evans company is being ran. If I were an investor in Ariel Capital Management or Barklays Global that holds a large position in a company ran like they say BOBE is being ran I sure would sell out yesterday.


    • SR.vp of H.R. Lindsay Bordon came to Ohio w/S.O.from OWENS - was ask to leave 30 + years SR.vp of Const.Pete S was told job was being elimanated. 30 + years oversaw const.of 300 + Rest. Rinzy N was ask to leave 32 + years started when there were 6 Rest. All very CLOSE to retirement requirements set by B.E. Over the past couple of years others that left unhappy Bob White 25+ years Vp H.R.Howard Berry EVP of R.E. bought well over 300 + properties 30 + years.Sr.vp of H.R. Jim Radabaugh ask to leave.Hope that anwsers your question.

    • With this I can agree.

      Sure it is easy for us to point out who should go and whose fault we think it is. That is my first reaction.

      My problem is that I dont hear anything positive coming out of South High. Where is BOBE moving as a company and what action are being taken to swing things around.

      My point is in line with what RBRAT said. These are the issues that are facing BOBE today. But many of us can overcomplicate a rather simple situation. So how does BOBE get people in the seats, increases revenues and get profits back in line? This is the questions that really need to be focused on.

      What does the future bring for BOBE and who can stear the ship in the right direction?

    • you're something. try as I might, I just can't resist responding. there are a lot of us posting on this board who aren't short sellers, but care about this company. and we don't all think Stewart or Randy are the problem. so lay off it for a while would you? just out of respect for those who enjoy talking with others who care deeply about Bob's? thanks.

    • I agree. Just cuz' he's got some relatives(sons, cousins, etc.) working for the company, doesn't mean nothing. It's how he and they handled it all that matters. and I don't know how that went down. and neither does anyone on this board.
      but let's get off this guy. he's probably made a heck of a lot of money and is probably happier now that he's gone. we should be talking about the company, what's right and wrong, future, etc. let's all quit badmouthing individuals and see if any of us have anything to offer than "fire this guy, fire that guy, promote this dude, so and so's a worthless dog, etc."

    • Nope not RN. I could be one of a hundred people that woudl have this type of information. But you can choose to believe me or not, I really don't care.

      But let me rephrase my statement. I have never seen pressure put on anyone to purchase from RN Family. In addition knowing the way RN operates I do not see him as the type of person who is going to put the screws to an AD to purchase from his family.

      Damn you people act like this is the Sopranos or something. Like someone was goign to end up in a shallow grave if they did not by their honeydew and pineapple from a certain company. Like it was a company wide conspiracy. Please stop the madness.

    • Dan's father? Emerson Evans.

      And Bob Wood's son in law? Victor.

      And Bob Woods Son? Bobby Woods Jr.

      What is your point? Like I said the sword cuts both ways.

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