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  • market_guard market_guard Apr 26, 2005 4:28 PM Flag

    Long Term Buy

    I have seen Mimi's grow from less then 10 restaurants to over 90 today. Bobe made a great buy. Mimi's will continue to grow at a controlled rate. Yes, they are profitable.

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    • The intention was to build many more "OWENS" Reastaurants but they did not catch on as expected.There were more locations at one time they were either sold or closed.One of the closed restaurant was converted into a new concept called "Calico Cafe" failed & closed a short time after opening.Owen's sausage division has lost money more times than generating a small profit since BOBE bought them.Jimmy Dean's is the big dog in that part of the country.

    • I've been away for a few days, so this response is probably late. Still, I can't recall the Owens stuff being broken out. It makes no sense for the restaurants. There is only a dozen (if that) so they won't affect bottom line much. If they are losing money, how much can they lose. If they are making money, how much would they add. A dozen out of hundreds won't make much difference.

      I don't know about the food products end.

    • Sales records don't mean sh%$, it's about profits and margins. Me, would rather invest in a company that has $500,000 in sales and $100,000 in profits growing at 7% - 10% sales and maintaining a 20% profit margin, than a company setting record sales as earnings decrease continuously. Give me record margins and profits, and I will be happy no matter the sales.

      Also, BOBE is getting closer to the 1 year target price here on Yahoo. Guess won't be long until we all should sell, unless material facts arise and makes a need for a change in the one year target.

      And gg, you do lie, you have accused me of various things including being a shorter (never), and questioned my sexuality, (for the record, been married to the same Lady for 17 years with two teenaged daughters), but facts are not your concern or strong point, more like pure unadulterated BS you regeritate constantly, and unfortunately it is none of US here driving the BOBE stock towards the teens, but actually is upper management of the company. But if name calling and lies make you feel better about your poor investments, and even worse timing, well as long as you can sleep at night, that's cool.

      Anyhow, how about I admit I am a short (and again I am not) and beg you all to buy this stock, I am in the mood to lose some money! Wouldn't have any effect on the stock price, and the SEC wouldn't give two flying f@*ks.

    • I really would like to see it go up, so all my "hold" shares are actually worth the trouble of holding on to them.
      You are the one who always squeels like a little schoolgirl when someone out posts you. Ha Ha Ha Ha come on squeel mikey, squeel for us some more. Ha Ha HA

    • That's the way I remember it also. You hit the nail on the head.

    • What's that got to do with you needing your diaper changed .... AGAIN !!!

    • My opinion concerning the "Owens Merger"was Dan felt Owens Sausage Company had a strong brand awaress in that region of the country that would take BOBE a long time to establish if BOBE wanted to expand & penetrate that part of the country.Also Dan had a good respect level for Jerry Owens & Jerry's father who started the company from scratch.This was BOBE 1st of several acquisitions(Owens,Mrs Giles,Hickory Specialties)None worked out very well for BOBE.Dan felt BOBE could grow quicker & use the Owens name to build Restaurants & they would catch on like BOBE did in the midwest.Just a opinion mind you but Jerry knew "Owens" was starting to struggle SKO was out of control & made a deal with Dan to sell the company if Dan would take SKO under his wing & Mentor SKO to become BOBE CEO when Dan decided to retire.The reason they do not break out the #'s is obvious they are not very good, NOTHING would please SKO more than to report Strong #'s for his namesake company.The only reason "Owens" shows a small profit or breaks even is because of the products BOBE has made for them & shipped back to the midwest.Would be much more economical & profitable if BOBE made those products in the plants in the midwest,but than "OWENS" would not be needed & would show BOBE made another bad business deal!!!

    • I totally agree. I was around the company when they bough Owens, although was kind of young, and I heard some details. Although I never really understood the purhcase at all and still don't. In addition I have never seen any numbers on Owens independantly, anywhere. Maybe some of the others could shed some light on this.

      If anyone can brifly explain the Owens purchase please post as I am really interested to hear the rhyme and reason with all BS aside.

    • blondeluck,
      As long as Owen's has been with bobe, their figures haven't been broken out.
      It's only my opinion, but I believe Owen's figures couldn't have been much good and the folks responsible for the merger didn't want their very bad move exposed.

    • "Sociology 101"

      Craapy609 Please read below and tell me exactly where in Sociology 101 you would learn that "People who have wealth never speak of it". Becasue I don't believe that would be a sociological issue. You really should not use that cliche to cover what you thought was a wit and snappy post.

      Course Objectives: This course provides an introduction to Sociology -- the science of society. We explore Sociology as a discipline and how sociologists do their work -- studying how people organize themselves into groups, and how culture, socialization, and social location shape one's outlook and opportunities.

      Course Content: We investigate how race, ethnicity, gender, age and socioeconomic status affect members of various groups. We consider what it is to be deviant and how deviance is controlled. We learn about institutions such as family, education, religion, politics and the economy.

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