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  • airwolf1980 airwolf1980 May 12, 2006 12:07 PM Flag

    short honeymoon for the new boss

    well, good luck anyway.

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    • i am with you airwolf.

    • Airwolf1980, the stockholder resolution may get passed in time. I hope we don't have more of the same.


    • luc,
      vote yes for bobe shareholder resolutions.

    • Well, since the way you see it is wrong, came back with a 42" plus, just over 28 pound striper for the box, did battle with some sharks of various sizes, the best about a 4 1/2' sand tiger shark that brother caught, two rows of nasty looking teeth bith top and bottom, a ling and, a crap load of skate. 2 cold beers before dinner hardly would get my golden retriever drunk, much less me, and no didn't take the dog, and don't feed it alcohol either, and I think since have owned the stock at various stock quantities since the mid 90's, well know a little about Bob Evans, being in the grocery business and seeing the product shelf space around here, not much to write home about, Jimmy Deans is a better breakfast food seller, more variety, and more shelf space, so grocery store sales, at least around here, AIn't where it's at, and we sell many of the various Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast sanwiches,and I did go away for two days with my brother, actually every week this time of the year, and yes we did leave the world alone.

      As for cereal, no, on the beach it's usually sausage or bacon and eggs with some coffee and oatmeal, not a cereal kind of guy. Hit the cold cuts for lunch, and dinner varies between soups (Campbells Chuncky or Progresso) if chilly to sirloin fillets, chicken or porkchops on the Coleman stove. And yes, a few cold ones while out there. Make mine a Bud Light.

    • You and greek must be brothers. Shut up and go away.

    • well, the way i see it, since you didn't mention anything, you struck out fishing, got drunk and realized you don't know a damn thing about bob should of stayed home and had cereal and left the world alone for a day!

    • shag,
      you mentioned an important difference between applebee's and applebee's you can get a beer. not a factor at breakfast, but it makes a difference at dinner.

    • Oh, and sorry if mispelled words, didn't use spell check, and YUP, from this post there will be the obvious post from the obnoxious geekfag stating I am short this stock, BLAHHHHH, BLAHHH BLAHHHH, but NOT

      And figure so the he/she/it GFag is into the name calling I'd beat the asshole to the punch.

      Me, not short, still own small number, hoping for the rebound in the rest. segment as don't think the small portion the frozen food dividion makes up in the Company is enough to offset lost customers at the eating locations, bnut feel there is potential, just need to figure out how to tap that potential.

      Go ahead GEEK, attack me for being honest, and stating my own experiences from the location closest to my home.

    • Here is the pattern as I see it. Me go fishing about a two hour drive from home, usually leave early mornings on a Wednesday, come back Thursday night or Friday night, depending on weather, fishing and work.

      Now, pass by a Bob Evans on the way there, usually betwenn 8am and 10am, and the breakfast crowd seems to be there, as there are a dozen or more cars in the parking lot. Return trip is usually between 5pm and 9pm, and less than a dozen cars in the parking lot, while the parking lot at the adjacent Applebees is pretty much full. So, question is, since obviously the breakfast crowd appears, and the location is a convenient one in a decent size town, so not really an "interstate tourist/traveller" location, how can the Company draw a "local" dinner crowd, to compete?

      Got breakfast people, need lunch and dinner patrons, then the problem of declining SSS will be partially solved. You can only raise prices so much.

      The way I se it, is that every month prices increase, so a $10 tab, becames $10.10 dollars with a 1% increase, then another 1%, tab is $10.20, then $10.30, and eventually, lose a customer. Now the 1% increase in actuality, is less than the average menue increase, so defections come sooner. Figure dinner may be $30 (just guessing, me, spend more than that by myself on the way home at Applebees, a couple of drinks, an appetizer and the main meal, like the food and selection better, service isn't that mush different), so the increase becomes more apparent.

    • Agree. No deep psychological mysteries. Just didn't use the spell check!!! Saw a nice breakfast promo on TV a few minutes ago--tauting traditional Bob Evans breakfast. Wish all well!!!

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