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  • getwhileitsgood getwhileitsgood Mar 9, 2007 11:20 AM Flag

    Come One Come All...LOL!

    You people that got the shaft from (or are about to) BOBE should come here and talk to some of the stock holders about your "at will" employment agreements with BOBE.

    I certainly wouldnt buy stock in a company that has such rogue VP's who are trying to fire their way to success. All the while removing accountable from THEIR shoulders.

    Tell us your story!

    With enough facts they cant just wave you off as a bunch of malcontents who deserved what you got! Let us here from you.

    I think that its high time that people take on these idiots who are in their ivory tower in Columbus blaming all of you in the field for their missteps and bad business decisions! I mean; you all saw who took the fall for that HORRIBLE Customer Problem Resolution program....WE DID! They make up these stupid policies among consensus (consensus - which in and of itself is a pure LACK of leadrship) in committee meetings and when they fail you have Steve Irkle aka Jim Merchant stomping around like a child talking about "poor execution in restaurants" It was THEIR bad program, not ours....what was the final dollar amount that ALL OF THOSE DISCOUNTS cost the stockholders, in the millions right?? That wasnt operators, that was leadership in Cols.!

    I am sure that their are a litany of examples that you all could share.

    We (who have worked for or are working for BOBE) all know how that Open Door Policy works. Yep, its there for fluff but if you use it, you are at the mercy of the listener. And we all know that if you said the wrong things you were blackballed! Many know the story of the AD who told Rinzy one time when talking about managers pay that "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys"...WELL,that was insulting to the companies decision makers and many think that it was that comment that sealed this guys fate basically "your company growth is over" And in Rinzy's famous words you will "Die on the vine"!

    Use your anonymity here...maybe someone will listen...dont hold your breathe, but maybe.

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