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  • bobegenmgr bobegenmgr Jul 10, 2007 10:10 AM Flag

    15 minutes of fame

    Lets save 75 cents a day and give servers 15 minutes to open the front of the house.Can't wait to see whats next.

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    • They'll never really get it when it comes to Waitress' (and lets call them waht they are for goodness sakes).

      BOBE will continue to look at them as "cheap labor" when in fact they are ALL but cheap labor.

      I CAN however safely conclude this; BOBE has given life to the image that they pursue with regard to thier Salespeople. If you look at them long enough as one thing they slowly materialize as just that, right before your eyes!!! BOBE Waitress have lost the respect that they once had as a result of the way that they have been viewed/treated by thier Company FOR A LONG TIME "Cheap Labor"!

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      • When is enough, enough?

        Servers in corporate mindset are just cheep labor. Servers now are expected to bus tables, sweep the dining room, remove trash, fill ice bins, seat the door, take carryout, run the dish tank in slow times, and other odd jobs while being a SERVER. Servers might be bob Evans cheapest labor however they are the ones who interact with the customers the most thus any and all frustration due to this extra workload will be reviled through conversations and interactions with the customers. A happy server means a happy customer a disgruntle server makes a disgruntle customer!

        Corporate believes that if severs are on the floor more that they will give better customer service. However when servers are on the floor busing, sweeping, gathering trash, and other odd jobs they are not worried about customer service but rather about getting their area somewhat cleaned in the hopes to make a few more dollars from the next table so they can afford to live.

        Employee moral has plummeted across the board due to the fact that managers are told you must get more out of your employees, make them work faster, run less employees but do the same amount of work, and run labor nearly at all costs. Not only do employees have to work harder but also so do managers. Managers are expected to cook, bus, run dish tank, host and more to lower labor.

        Has our company lost focus on �B.E.S.T.� Bob Evans Special Touch? Employees now have to find time to squeeze in rushed bathroom visit and are trying to find time to do everything while taking care of customers. Our customers know that our stores are running less employees especially since our table turn over is much harder to achieve and their servers are worried about getting everything done rather than being a server.

        When are servers suppose to have time to actually make customers feel like they are at home and are wanted to return when all servers are now worried about running the front of the house by themselves. Who are more important stock holders or our loyal customers who keep Bob Evans in business? We have already lost our internal customers (employees) support lets do something before we lose our restaurant customers and have to shut the doors for good.

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