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  • server4life1 server4life1 Jul 28, 2007 3:19 PM Flag

    Excuse me, Have you seen my server?

    I am not sure if any of you regular posters are aware of some new developments in the are of job duties.

    Do you know that your server is also your bus person? That your server not only serves you hot, fresh delicious food, but also cleans up your dirty table, takes those dirty dishes to the kitchen area, as well as scrape, sort and stack your dishes for the dishwasher to wash? Then you server continues out thru the kitchen with clean dishes and delivers some more food. Not only do the servers serve you your meal, and clean up the table after you, they also clean up the floor after you. Oh, and they do this with out the aide of a cart or tub.

    This is all done for the same low hourly wage that they were receiving before these added duties. Server wages do not go up, just because minimum wage goes up. Minimum wage for a tipped employee in this state is $2.13.

    The server still has the same duties as before, taking care of the customers, and making their dining experience great, making sure they everything they need to get the job done, carry clean dishes, stock carry out, make coffee, roll silverware, stock any condiment items they may need, stock salad cases, etc, as well as their daily clean up.

    More duties, no more money!!

    This is being done to help offset the cost of minimum wage going up...give the bus people less hours and give the servers more work to do.

    So, if you can't find your server when you want more coffee, just ask your bus person. Oh wait, I think that is my server!!

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    • Food for thought - Maybe customers/stockholder's realizing this change in the server's responsibilities, along with several others, is being reflected in Bob's stock. Have you seen the numbers? BOBE is at $27.80, down $1.10. On the other hand Frisch's is at $30.87, up $.62. Wonder what the difference is........Rinzy????

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      • If you ask me that is like comparing apples and oranges. Both fruits but.....

        I like Rinzy, think he is a great guy but you are stretching to compare BOBE to FRS. I have heard he has made some great changes at FRS and from what I understand FRS plays like a team.

        That is not to say BOBE or FRS is better or worse than the other. But you have different concepts, a big one being the franchise situation at FRS.

        But hey, maybe all that profit FRS makes can be contributed to the fact that they don't pay their executive $1.2 million + options.

        But honestly at least BOBE is getting their money's worth out of their execs, unlike when Stewy was flying around on the company dime.

    • ucbassclarinet_2000_92122 ucbassclarinet_2000_92122 Oct 17, 2007 12:28 AM Flag

      Wait there's more. Servers are also doing their own kp call back items, and some grill work, as well as seating guests and taking carryout orders. In some stores, they scrub floors at close and clean toilets just to be able to maintain their full time hours and health insurance.Funny thing is when this all started the servers were told that it was not to save money, but to give more personalized service and the stores would be hiring more servers, so there would be more help available to the team.Bet they loved hearing that. Sales people are usually BS'ers, and you know that you cant BS a BS'er.

      One has to wonder if all the servers really take the time to wash their hands each time they visit the tank area, which in theory is every time they come off the floor.

      You would think that restaurant supplies with intended increased usage of soap and towels would increase, but in actuality, supply dollars are going down, because future new hires are watching this whole process and dont want to take the job. Customers are not happy, managers are having to defend this whole process, and sales are going down.

      Does anyone think this is why our stock price has dropped about $ 7 recently?

      Our servers used to be highly trained and rewarded with great tips from loyal guests. They also took pride in what they did. Now they are hauling trash just to hurry up and make a buck. Just remember that these are the same people who earn the companies revenue and the funds to pay the salaries of the decision makers.

      Show them some respect.They've earened it with their years of loyal service. This program isn't working. Our guests and our staffs have a choice. Will it be us?

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      • jwisni2952 Oct 17, 2007 11:19 AM Flag

        I have worked in several restaurants, both national chains and local eateries, throughout my career. During my years in store management at BOBE, I could not tell you how many times that I related to BOBE servers that they were the most pampered servers I had ever encountered in the business. Servers are the highest paid employees in the building, sometimes even outpacing management in income. Expecting them to actually work IS NOT misguided. If any server doesn't wash or sanitize their hands when leaving the tank or restroom, they need to be disciplined. This is not only part of the job, it is imperative for food service safety. The excuse of "not having enough time" is not acceptable. Servers are still highly trained, the bar has simply been set higher. If employees spent less time complaining about how "tough" or "terrible" the job is, and spent that time performing the job functions, I guarantee that there would be more than enough time to serve all your guests, bus tables, etc. etc. etc. Being a server DOES NOT mean that you just take an order and then, sometimes, deliver it to a table. You must be a part of the team and perform other functions, that is truly providing the customer with good service. You are correct, you have a choice. My suggestion to you is to leave Bob's as a server, and find out just how much "greener the grass" is elsewhere. You will be unpleasantly surprised.

    • The part of this message that might be missed is: I wonder if those servers that are being so overworked and doing so many different jobs have time to wash their hands when they should. Even been in one of those kitchens around those dirty tubs of dishes? YECH!!! I would hate to have those germs around my food. Bob Evans needs to be spanked for their poor decisions in this area. The last time I was at one of their restaurants, a little north of Dayton Ohio, I had to sit amongest the ants - of course that was before we walked out because no one had time to wait on us - servers were probably trying to find the bug spray. teehee

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      • boilertim93 Jul 31, 2007 1:33 PM Flag

        What really needs to be said is that BOB is behind the times. Servers in every other restaurant in the family and casual dining segment have been doing these duties for years. For too long servers left plates on the tables waiting for the buss person to come and clean up, good service includes clearing plates during the meal. If the server is good they have no problem managing this for the $15+/hr they make including the tips, more than any other person makes.

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