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  • chickemmen2002 chickemmen2002 Mar 5, 2008 9:47 AM Flag

    BOBE manipulate numbers with dates

    I hope people and investors are clever enough to see through BOBE report and the numbers.
    First of all the company said Bob Evans same store sales increased 3.3%, later in the article they reported that Mimi's Cafe which they own also said sales were down 5.2%.
    In the same article they reported both chains had menu price increases, 2.4% at Bob Evans restaurants and 2.1% at Mimi's Cafe.
    The company compared sales in Feb. 2007 with sales Feb. 2008. You must remember this is leap year with 29 days in Feb. last year only had 28 days or 3.5% difference.
    The main thing investors want to know is the bottom line, what will be the percent of earnings BOBE will report.


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    • Wrong. Go back and read the release that the company issued: The sales period ended Feb. 22, before the extra day. Therefore, the extra day did not have any impact on February sales.

      You really should make sure you know what you're talking about before you post irresponsible and inaccurate allegations.

    • jockeyshortscausejockitch jockeyshortscausejockitch Mar 5, 2008 11:02 AM Flag

      Little Chicken you are so funny.
      Why don't you like this company?
      Combined same store sales were up 1% compared to same month last year.
      I'm sure you're clever enough to know that most major corporations account using the FISCAL year, not the calendar year ya big dummy, so your statement is BOBE hogwash.
      Try to post accurately from now on, OK?


      • 1 Reply to jockeyshortscausejockitch
      • Jockeyshort you DUMB RED NECK I said February 2008 this year was leap year with 29 days in it, last year 2007 only had 28 days in it. This year the company had one more day for sales in February over last year which was reported gives the company (3.5% more time) one more day for sales.
        By the way with out the price increases how much were combined sales up, and how much traffic did the company lose by increases menu prices? People can't buy high price gas and eat hog to on the average people are making today.
        Wait until you hear what the earnings will be that is the proof in the pudding.
        Now who is the dummy you RED NECK.


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