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  • billfish4665 billfish4665 Apr 25, 2008 10:25 AM Flag

    Interesting Read Posted 6/07 #5

    I feel I owed this statement to Bob Evans, as in my eyes Mike Thompson has disgraced the organization and what many of us have worked hard and long hours as well as sacrificing to build, as well as putting your leadership in question. I also wanted to be able to leave with my reputation and dignity in place before another attempt of character assassination was orchestrated. At this point I have taken the excuse of “We did not know” out of the arena. The ball is in your court. I will be watching your actions not only as a past employee, but as a stockholder. I wish the company the best of luck. In your words “People leave managers, not companies! Understand that my departure is only the tip of the iceberg and the sign of a potential catastrophic situation for your company.

    Bill Owens

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    • It sounds like there is still a lot of trouble with management yet. That is the reason I dumped my stock in BOBE long ago.


    • If Mike Thompson was fired, what was the reason? Was his market performing badly? Was he one of the worst performing of all the regions?

      If his performance wasn't bad, then could it have been something he did wrong that would place BOBE in jeopardy as a company?

      People at his level usually only get abruptly axed for something they do that is indefensible in the eyes of the company. Such things could include, Sexual Harassment, Hostile Environment, Civil Rights infringements, or other issues that could often turn into class-action suits for a company. If any of these are the case (we have no knowledge that they are) BOBE is smart in cutting ties so quickly so as to avoid damages they may incur in any future liabilities, either compensatory or punitive.

      The one thing that should concern BOBE of these aforementioned issues, is that they apparently did nothing (according to you) to act on the letter you sent to HR, Steve Davis, Roger Williams, or Randy Hicks nearly a year ago. Failure for the leadership to act on your letter would not bode well for BOBE if they let Mike go for any of the same types of things you claimed were happening. If Mike has placed BOBE in a position where they will have to defend themselves, I'm sure they wouldn't want a judge, jury or arbitrator to know of any failure to act on information about Mike's alleged illegal or dishonest behavior that was provided them nearly a year ago. Failure to act on the types of information you provided them really increases the amount of punitive damages a company can be exposed to.

      Everything is speculation at this point. Only Mike and the leadership at BOBE know the real reason why Mike left.

    • I wouldn't worry about your character. The ones who need to question their characters are the ones being harassed and did not saying anything, as you specified, Amanda Hyde. No actions on her part is a way of saying that she accepted his invitation. If this kind of actions are tolerated by her then wouldn't that make her a hypocrite of not taking any actions, to allow him to behave the was he behave for many more years? Your character was laid out already during your tenure with Bob Evans. The decision that you made, right or wrong, that is the way you will be remembered. The ones that stayed silent are the ones that need to look deep within them self to re-evaluate their integrity.

    • What goes around comes around. I know he sent an email out to a few area directors 45 minutes before the memo came out so that would lead me to assume that it was an abrupt ending for his long career. At his age of over 50 and having held only one job his entire life, his hiring potential should be questionable at best. Furthermore, the economy being the way it is, I'm hoping he goes to the poor house. They say that history repeats itself. This event reminds me of all the people that were massacred during the Nazi occupation of many countries during WWII, only for the dictator to be defeated in the end.

      Alls well that ends well. I guess the AD's that worked for him are putting on some lip balm in preparation of the next person's behind that they will be smacking soon, because that's the only thing he ever taught them....other than the kiosk in the garage, have your employees call in the surveys, and have your people fill in the comment cards to send to corporate office for credit classes.

      Oh, I forgot, he still has his preacher bad. I guess he still has a job.

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      • Thank god the tyrant is gone. I gave six years of my life to Bob Evans, and most of those years were a wonderful experience. Then Thompson took over my region. Cheat, Fudge, just do whatever it takes to cheat the job done. However I have heard that Steven wants to only hire ADs and vprd's with college degrees. This company has been very succesful for years on the good old boy system, Why change now. I will take years of experience over a college degree any day. There are many wonderful ad's out there that dont have a degree and do a wonderful job.

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