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  • spyderman544 spyderman544 Oct 2, 2008 9:56 AM Flag

    This message board is worthless!

    All I see here is ad for this program or that one and not any discussion of Bob Evans Farms. Recently I bought some stock. As a matter of fact I bought in on Monday when it was in the low 26's I got in at 26.50. I see it is over 28 today. I think this is a company that can grow across the company if the growth can be managed. Is there anyone else that watches this board.

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    • I do like BOBE. I missed it at its teen lows. I buy at 15.50 if it ever gets there again. Seriously, 23-25 is a buy range. BOBE is busy when I go, steady predictable food, good management. It is one to buy and hold. Mimi is hidden, hard to find, but when I did it was enjoyable, friendly, and good food. We could order drinks too.

      I thought that the Graceland new store was to serve alcoholic drinks as well as have the internet. Seems good, but I still think PM hours should seek pizza, since BOBE is vertically constructed. One day I called up Dan Evans to suggest the idea at 6 am! He actually answered the phone. He said it was interesting that I was suggesting pizza for PM business increases, because he had one sitting on his desk! True story!

      You will do fine with BOBE, I cannot wait to get in soon, too.

    • You are so right. I used to post here often. It is now worthless!!! The only reason I even stop here is to see the daily value. I've sent complaints to Yahoo.... see how far that gets...... Good luck with your BOBE stock. Just FYI... check out the insider trades to see who's getting rich on this stock. It's not you or me!!!!

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      • thanks I see that there is one person on the board. I follow the Peter Lynch method of investing. While driving through the mid-west this summer I stopped at one Bob Evans restaurant and found it to be quite pleasant and a good value. On a subsequent trip with my wife we visited still more Bob Evans restaurants and they were all good. Even better the employees all seemed to be having a good time. I would like to see these on the East coast too with similar prices to some of the other chains. I believe that Bob Evans would be successful as a national chain if they could keep the quality up.

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