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  • chickemmen2002 chickemmen2002 Mar 22, 2010 3:20 PM Flag


    I was at a cracker Barrel the other day talking to a manager and he said he has heard so many complaints about Bob Evans he would not dare count them. I feel Bob Evans has had their best days in the past. I also feel they will be trying to unload the mess soon.


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    • The question is, what button needs to be pushed to stimulate real sales growth

    • Newbobe01 I sure had you fooled and I had a lot of fun to.
      Are you making any money since you cooled off he he?


    • Oexps2000 the only thing I know about Bob Evans KFC and the Colonel is that Bob got a franchise from the Colonel way back then. Bob did say the franchies fee was 5 cents for every chicken that was sold on a hand shake.I know nothing about Bob selling the KFC franchise. Bob told me he really liked the Colonal and the Colonal really knew the chicken business.


    • Did you ever consider Chicken that I was pushing the buttons on you? HeHeHeHe!

    • Chicken
      If you were such good friends with Bob in the early days, who was his original partner in his KFC franchise. Why and who did he sell his KFC franchise to?

    • Bobguy806 real quick if you would like to have a little fun to prove what I said on the last post.
      Click on BIDU the last 10 minutes of the day before closing and watch how many shares of BIDU sell the last 10 minutes. They are not selling options they are selling BIDU stock at around $600 per share. At a selling price of $600 a share would be a $3,000,000 sale. How many small buyers buy stock three million dollars at a clip, who are they trying to fool?
      Have a good evening.


    • Now that I have showen my hand I can't have any more fun with old newbobe. I get a big bang out of pushing some peoples buttons and then sit back and watch them show them selves he he.
      Now we just have to set back and watch what the market does to us. I feel the big guys like fund managers and the hedge fund boys are controlling things for them selves.
      All you have to do is set back and watch the large lump buys in the early morning opening and the large buys at the end of the day, that will tell you who is controlling the stock market. How many guys do you know buy and sell 50,000 to 150,000 shares at a clip?
      Well I better get back and watch how the closing volumes end up today.


    • Bobguy806 How long have you been with the company? I have held stock in the company many years. I was one of the original stock holders. Did you read the post I posted if you would have bought the first BOBE stock and kept is with all the splits you would have 73 shares for every one share you bought. It is still not as good as the McDonalds stock.
      Had you bought 100 shares of McDonalds stock back April 18, 1966 and not sold a share of your stock with all 13 splits they have had would be worth over $7 million today. That is a many bagger as Peter Lynch calls it.
      I am not a bad guy just like to have a little fun once in a while. You know you only have one go around in this life. Bob Evans and the Colonel both were good friends of mine.
      Have a good day.


    • Come on newbobe stop the threats, I would not want to have to get side ways with you to keep you cool. I have told you I hold stock in BOBE also. What I or anyone else says about companies on these message boards mean nothing to the stock prices. So be good and stay cool and don't give me any trouble. Just keep your power dry and enjoy life.
      If I told you I knew the Colonel well you would not believe me anyway. By the way did you know Bob Evans knew the Colonel and had a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise?
      Have a good one.


    • Again, if you REALLY know the Bob Evans family like you say you do, then stop your slam against the stock. This is NO JOKE my friend. And again, If you do decide to attend this year's annual meeting, I would keep quite if I were you. Because, you might find my fist in a place soooooo very uncomfortable and there goes your skiing and motorcycling trips. Like I said, as I know your posts have been pure Bullsh*t, people checking out this stock don't. Do us all a favor and shut the Good Chicken's beak. Or I, amongst others who have a vested interest in this stock will have to hunt the Good Chicken down, and it's off to the Colonel's pressure cookers your as* goes. I worked for the Colonel while I was in high school, and I can assure you that tough old birds like yourself cook up just like the young, tender birds. So do shut your beak. Do we have an understanding Chicken?

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