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  • eqanalyst eqanalyst Jan 17, 1998 7:01 PM Flag

    Store count: Last FYE

    Trad General Owens Total
    DE 4 0 0 4
    FL 24 1 0 25
    IL 17 0 0 17
    IN 48 0 0 48
    IO 1 0 0 1
    KY 14 0 0 14
    MD 11 0 0 11
    MI 36 0 0 36
    MS 10 1 0 11
    NJ 1 0 0 1
    NY 13 0 0 13
    OH 142 1 0 143
    PA 24 1 0 25
    SC 0 1 0 1
    TN 4 1 0 5
    TX 0 0 13 13
    VA 10 0 0 10
    WV 15 1 0 16
    TOTAL 374 7 13 394

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    • jpanaro Feb 13, 1998 2:02 PM Flag

      make that $34.00 to $44.00 into $34.00 to $39.00 instead. This proves my point do your own math or suffer the loses!

    • jpanaro Feb 13, 1998 2:00 PM Flag

      I just wanted to give a web address for anyone interested. THE CLEARINGHOUSE is a great way to get enrollment forms from
      hundreds of DRIP companies. there is also another company that will purchase your first shares and set up a DRIP
      for you at a very modest cost, I can't remember who they are off hand. When I find there phone number i will post it. As many of
      you have already said though, make sure you research the fees for each company in a DRIP program. Some of them can be
      detrimental to your investments. If there is a $5.00 purchase fee that will turn a $34.00 stock into a $44.00 stock for your cost. Not
      worth it!

    • I agree. The DRP here is very good. I am in about 20 different DRP's now. In fact, I am a bit over-extended there now and can't make as regular investments as I would like (kids seem to just suck up the investment monies), but I think the DRPs are a wonderful thing.

      However, I still say that getting the initial share can be a problem if you don't want to limit yourself to only those companies that allow you to go direct to get started.

    • Peer Lynch chose BOBE as part of Magellion (sp) It is an excellent company to own. I like their vertical growth and their modest dividend (horizontal growth). Their look through earnings (as Buffett would figure), are high. Management is excellent. Lets all look for strong growth, and thank you Bob.

    • I've been in the drip since the company was selling (undervalued) at around 13. The drip is a great way to go!!

      Some months I got extra cash to put in, some months, I only got
      a few bucks.

      But, for a guy who don't go out carousin', if I end up with an extra $25 at the end of the week, I can still get 1 and a fraction of BOBE. (what else can you get for $25).

      Then on the months when other investments allow, I can sock in
      some real money.

      Dollar cost averageing, value averageing, or in my case convenience averaging. Any way you go, its great! And best of all yu can't beat the commission! (a stamp and an envelope)!

      By the way, I was thinking about the past discussions on dividends. What do you guys think, is it better for a company to pay a dividend from the profits, or use that money to buy back shares?

    • BOBE is a one of a relatively small number of companies that allow you to go direct. Of the 10,000 or so companies that have
      DRP's only about 200 allow you to go direct. The rest have some sort of minimum share requirement. For most, it is only 1 share
      and BOBE allows people to enroll through this route. However, if you want one of those companies, getting a single share can be
      a real nuisance. Brokerage fees and commissions are a real killer on a single share unless you find some agent who specializes
      in that sort of transaction.

    • jpanaro Feb 12, 1998 10:58 AM Flag

      I started my DRIP with BOBE by direct purchase from BOBE. If this is your desire all you have to do is call BOBE and have them send you a form for registry. Their minimum purchase requirments are only $50.00 so don't wait. I am also curious as to where you got your information.

    • I was misinformed then....will follow your recommendation...and hope that they go on-line with direct forms downloads.

    • While you cannot currently download the BOBE DSP/DRIP form through Netstockdirect, there is no requirement that you own a share before participating in the DRIP. You can purchase your initial shares directly through BOBE (minimum initial: $50).

      The contact number listed at Netstockdirect put me in touch with a most helpful BOBE employee. I can also say BOBE responded to my request for information faster than any other company, no exceptions.

    • Mr. Owens,

      I am singularly impressed with your thorough posts on this message board. Us BOBE investors, current and future, love hearing your insights.

      I do have one recommendation. I find the requirement to have one BOBE share registered in my name, before entry into your
      DRIP Program, to be a great nuisance. I would love to see BOBE right alongside FNM, WMT, EQ, and other firms where you can
      download the form on-line from and then send the
      check in the mail to your agent, to receive relatively quick confirmation (within 3-4 weeks or so) that I purchased BOBE shares.
      I've done it with FNM, WMT, and works like a charm!! We live in an era where shares are all too often in street
      name...getting around this convention is a hassle and can be expensive (fees!!)...and with trade executions now having to be settled within
      3 days, having a paper-intensive and labor-intensive process of having to own BOBE shares is a disincentive to many. I should
      add that maybe 30 other firms (beyond FNM, WMT, and EQ) have that on-line listing for direct purchases. Thanks for listening!

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