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  • scooty101 scooty101 Jan 25, 1999 2:55 PM Flag


    This web-site is up and under construction. Rumor
    has it it's by BOBE managers who want to put Larry
    Corbin's B.E.S.T. program on the net and who want an
    independent voice on the net . More power to the soldiers of
    the company

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    • that place is called eat at joes.

    • Thank you for taking the time to monitor and
      respond to the questions on this message board. It is
      very encouraging to see someone of your stature who is
      so well grounded and in touch with their clients.
      Without question this is why your group is so successful.

      I have been monitoring BOBE for sometime and made
      my decision to invest as a result of your post.
      Anyone CEO that takes the time to respond to customers
      as you have done here earns my confidence.

      For the record, I have made several special order
      requests at your Lanc unit and all have been filled to my
      The new structure is nice too. Much easier to enter &

      Just another regular customer holding
      BOBE long.
      Keep up the great work.

    • BTW Joe's is a pretty darn good place to eat if you like seafood I also believe that the ownwers also have a couple other small theme stlye restaurants in the South..

    • sowens, you may want to explore the MotleyFool,
      Special Feature, January 26, 1999: Investor Relations
      series. It explores what an individual investor should
      expect from a company website and ranks some well known
      companies' websites. I found it interesting and informative.
      Just a suggestion, but you can see what other
      companies are doing on their website and include some of
      the ideas with yours.


    • SOWENS, big 10-4. If you are buying a product,
      one should be satisfied. Satisfaction is the key to
      repeat customers, word of mouth advertising (the best
      kind and the cheapest)and hence profits for all
      involved with the company. The old adage I learned growing
      up is the customer is always right (and even when
      he/she is not, make them feel like they

      Keep going and I'm looking forward to the


    • Stuart---I apologize to you for going whacko about was out of line playing such stupid games. I'm sure you guys will put up a great site!

    • Perhaps it will please everyone that I am posting
      this reply from home, and not from the office. I
      appreciate everyone's ideas about what to include in the
      website. While I won't go into specifics about each one,
      most of the things you all suggested will be included
      in the initial site, and it is our intention to
      update and embellish it over time.

      As for the
      Croc, you and all of our customers should expect to be
      satisfied with the preparation of your food, and that
      includes special orders. We, in fact, pride ourselves on a
      policy that we will do whatever we can to prepare
      anything for our customers if we have the ability and the
      ingredients in the restaurant to do so, whether it's on the
      menu in any form or not. There are, of course, limits
      to our ability to do so, but a server should inform
      the customer if there is any problem with fulfilling
      their request.

      Our servers fill out a
      handwritten order at the table which is preprinted and coded
      for speed of taking the order. They then enter that
      order in a computer system which utilizes a touch
      screen with pre-designed options labeled with
      "push-buttons" on the screen, which is again designed for speed
      and efficiency. The whole purpose is to get your
      order prepared and served to you as quickly as
      possible. The more options you include to prepare any given
      item, the more buttons and hence screens the server has
      to step through to enter the order, slowing the
      process down. We have to strike a balance between
      including those options, and limiting the number of screens
      and buttons. That is why sometimes it requires
      special instructions from the server to the grill cooks,
      which unfortunately increases the possibility that a
      miscommunication can occur.

      I encourage you to be as
      specific as possible with your special requests, and
      obviously the servers and cooks in your "home store" have
      come to know you and make many fewer mistakes on the
      way you'd like your double decker prepared. You do
      have every right to get it the way you want it, and
      they should, if they make a mistake, redo it for you
      to your liking.

    • Sounds like all you guys want to do is bicker all
      the time. Brianhunt51 what I was talking about on the
      1594 post you refered to, is that I do my boating
      nothing about the damn way to fix a sandwich. And as for
      Crock what I was refering to is that the waiters,
      waitresses,and the cooks have more to do than to spend all the
      time taking food back and forth to do every last think
      you demand them to do for you. Did you know that a
      customer that demands that kind of service should tip 25%
      or more? I am not going to argue this point any
      Sorry but that is all the bickering I am going to wast
      my time on.
      As for the BOBE web sight that is a
      very good idea, and I can't wait until it is on line.
      There will be a lot of people use it all the time. Our
      customers, stockholders as well as employees will use it.
      There are people out there that don't know you can
      print out maps that will tell you just how to get to
      any location you might be in to get to a Bob Evans
      restaurant. If you don't have a computer at home you can go
      to any library and use their computer to get a map,
      or information you might want. Some may charge you a
      dime to print you a map, and some are free.

    • Any business should be in the business of
      satisfying a customer's request unless it's unreasonable.
      Crocodile Hunter's request, although an infrequent one,
      should be honored and fulfilled correctly whether it's
      BOBE,WEN, or Mickey D's. Additionally, if he ordered a
      plain burger and they made a mistake they
      just wipe away the cheese or the other condiments off
      the burger or bun. It's just good business practice
      to deliver what the customer

      Businesses that will ultimately be successful will be those
      who cater to special requests. Crocodile Hunter is
      justified to want to have Mr. Owens read his comments, and
      I'm sure he or any other executive's philosophy would
      be....the customer is king.

    • who was the ind who wanted to start a stockholders revolt by setting up a e mail address etc etc??-Brian

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