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  • CynhtiaTaylor30 CynhtiaTaylor30 Oct 13, 1999 10:05 AM Flag

    what has happen

    Can someone please explain to me why BOBEVANS is dropping so much ! I thought they were doing good !

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    • is that my old pal Brian Hunt is back on the

      other indicators are continuing to improve, but haven't
      turned bullish yet......

      I wonder what indicator
      he uses to call the bottom like that????

      I have to wonder what he's doing with all those
      sanitary napkins he's been collecting over the
      years????????????) :)

      good to see you again, old man!

    • I am glad you included me in your apology. I have been a collector of sanitary napkins for years. Now where's the bucket of nails because I have a leaky roof to fix somewhere around 270.

    • I try to practice tasteful comedy. It's my
      opinion that too many references to things such as
      sanitary napkins or flatulence in the same bit take away
      from the complete humor one is hoping to achieve.

      My sincere apologies to the entire santiary napkin
      community (makers, distributors, users, collectors, etc)
      for omitting you from the disclaimer.

      intent was not to offend anyone (well, actually there is
      one person.....)

      The Good Rocket

    • <EOM>

    • I think your impression is right that it doesn't
      make sense. My guess is that their computer tripped up
      on some corporate event like the earnings release. I
      wish we could say there was a split we didn't know
      about which is why the company is now trading at 14.

    • I had a good-til-cancel order on BOBE with DATEK. Yesterday DATEK cancelled my order "due to stock split." Can't find any info on this; nor does it particularly make sense. Anyone else know anything?

    • you said "The contents of this message should not
      be taken as factual or reflect the views of Bob
      Evans Farm, Mr. Daniel Evans, paper towels users, or
      bitter old men anywhere. "

      but what about the
      sanitary napkin users???

      (actually, I think ALL
      napkins in a resturant environment should be sanitary!)

      seriously, that was one very funny post!


      (perhaps BOBE should put you in the investor relation's

    • Now that's funny! At least Rocket has a sense of humor But I'm sure some of you other old farts won't see it. Oh, that's funny!

    • Tuesday November 16, 6:36 am Eastern

      Bob Evans Says Reviewing Possible Strategies for
      Improving Labor Costs (NasdaqNM:BOBE)

      Bob Evans
      Farms, owns and operates 424 restaurants in 20 states as
      Bob Evans Restaurants and Owen Family Restaurants.
      Company also produces and distributes fresh and
      fully-cooked sausage products, frozen rolls, biscuits and
      entrees to grocery stores. However recently the chain has
      come under considerable criticism for its ability to
      maintain adequant personnel and facilities. In an attempt
      to rectify this situation, Bob Evans Farms has
      enlisted the asisstance of a faithful shareholder who is
      known on the Bob Evans Yahoo message board simply as
      "chickenmen". "Mr. Chickenmen has many years of restaurant
      experience that we are confident that we can tap in to.
      We're hopeful that his insight can help us turn things
      around", said Chief Executive Daniel Evans. "Additionally,
      we will be supplying Mr.Chickenmen with an adequate
      supply of paper towels, sanitary napkins, and roofing
      materials, to allow him to continue with his current
      volunteer restaurant beautification activities", cited Mr.

      Biography: Chickenmen is a bitter old man who is well
      respected in the restaurant community. Additionally he is
      an astute investor.

      **Note - This is parody.
      The contents of this message should not be taken as
      factual or reflect the views of Bob Evans Farm, Mr.
      Daniel Evans, paper towels users, or bitter old men
      anywhere. **

      The Good Rocket

    • is $.39. Makes sense in light of preannouncement.
      How will Street react to beating lowered expectations
      by .02? My bet is we will see $16.50 at some point
      during the next week. Other

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