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  • trader8_2000 trader8_2000 Feb 19, 2000 8:35 PM Flag


    I agree with CFranks, the company never got a
    responce with back to back good years. Now with a mediocre
    performance the bottom falls out. Tough to stay around. But
    as for dooms day Chicken, I don't come around very
    often, but I come back just to see what "nonsense of the
    week" you are spouting. If the NASCAR sponsorship is a
    bad idea, then there is a whole lot of companies out
    there wasting their money. It is the fastest growing
    sport out there right now! Of course, if your idea of
    sports is watching bowling on TV then you are making
    perfect sense. I looked up the major stock holders in
    BOBE and didn't see your name, or CALPERS. Imagine
    that, the two that are complaining the most and neither
    one with a large stake in the company. NASCAR is
    definatly not the cure for what is wrong with this stock,
    but it is nice to see different things tried. The
    cure for the stock is for the stock market interest to
    swing back towards the restaurant sector. That would be
    nice for BOBE stock holders, but I wouldn't hold my
    breath. Too many poorly managed companies have already
    scared most of them off. The Boston Markets, Shoneys,
    and now CrackerBarrels that have taken people
    straight into the toilet have ruined this sector in many
    people's eyes. It is too bad, but I for one have learned
    and moved on. Stopping back from time to time for a
    short term gain. Hope the best for all of you, I'll be
    stopping back soon to see what mischief is afoot.

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    • You may be right about the larger companies that
      the race goers are being loyal to the sponsors of the
      race cars, but BOBE is just a little small company
      with only a little over $500 hundred million Market
      cap. Now if you take a company like Coke Cola with a
      national product with a Market cap. of over $146 BILLION
      it is OK. You have to realize BOBE don't have stores
      all over the US. People in California has never heard
      of Bob Evans. Now ask them if they have ever heard
      of Coke Cola. How do you like that for spouting
      buster, or may I say a race car fan, or maybe even an
      insider from BOBE.

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      • I have been following this board for a few years.
        I am a stockholder of about 15 years.
        I didn't
        think that I would ever post a message on this board,
        but I can't stand it any longer.

        you are an ignorant jerk. You whine and moan about
        things you obviously know very little about.

        This company is heads and tails above any in the
        industry. Very few can show increases in core stores and
        achieve profit margins comparable to

        primemeridian is correct. There are so many poor performers in
        the industry right now, that BOBE is only being held
        down by association....not bad management or poor

        You should spend less time on your computer and more
        time stealing baseballs from the kids that
        accidentally hit them in to your yard.

        I apologize to
        all posters for taking up space on this board, as I
        will most likely never post again.

        Thanks for
        the opportunity to vent.

        Go BOBE!

    • I'm not a big fan of NASCAR (much prefer
      motorcycle road racing but doubt I'll ever see the BOBE logo
      on a bike) but from what I've read those that are
      tend to be VERY loyal to the sponsors so I don't think
      that is money badly spent.

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