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  • whyohwhyohwhy whyohwhyohwhy Oct 10, 2000 12:44 AM Flag

    New York Times article

    Interesting New York Times article on BOBE:

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    • Found on the Bob Evans Web Site!
      1. When was
      the initial Public Offering of
      Bob Evans Farms
      Inc. stock and what was
      the price at that
      The Initial Public Offering of Bob Evans Farms
      Inc. stock was 160,000 on June 6, 1963, at a price of
      $9 per share.

    • I called the corporate office and asked for stock relations. They gave me the information!

    • Thank you for the information. I knew they went public in 1963 but I didn't remember how many shares were offered, and the price of the shares offered.

    • 1963 - Bob Evans became publicly held at $9 a share on June 6 with 160,000 shares offered

    • I know the company goes back longer than 1986.
      What I don't have when they went public.

      truckstop is basically what got the company into the
      restaurant business. That is why the company has something
      of a bifurcated nature--sausage and restaurants. The
      restaurant sector took off in part because of the appeal
      from the truck stop and the fairs. As the nature of
      the US breakfast diet changed, the restaurant sector
      grew more rapidly and became the dominant

      The recipe of the sausage has changed because of the
      change in US eating habits. Lower fat sausage sells
      better because occasional buyers do worry some about
      fat. The lower fat option will also keep your sausage
      customers alive a bit longer. There is a downside to the
      lower fat option in that it isn't quite as tasty. I
      have heard that complaint about BOBE sausage

      How's that for a short partial story?

    • I did do some research and I told you where I did
      the research and the information that I had. So, I
      went to another source called Wall Street City and
      checked their price history for BOBE. They show BOBE
      trades going back to the 1970's and I still can't find a
      place where the nominal price of the company has gone
      down in the course of 20 years. Just because it is
      quoted in the NYT doesn't mean it is true. If you want
      to qualify the NYT to account for inflation, then it
      might be true, but the NYT quote didn't say that. Also,
      if you are going to account for inflation, then you
      should also account for dividend yields too.

      I can find with some selection a 10 year period
      where the price of the stock goes down. Over the past 5
      years, it is easy to find a period in which the price
      has declined. Neither of those are good, but both of
      those are a lot less dramatic than the 20 year time
      span so pointedly expressed in the article.

      the other interesting tidbit I found in this research
      which I am willing to share is that there is a gap in
      the share price for BOBE in the mid to late 1980's.
      Does anybody have an explanation that they are willing
      to share?

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      How can cluckerman expect anyone to take anything he
      says serious when he continually talks down to people
      on this board while responding to them. Wait, I need
      to clarify that, he only talks down to those people
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      The Good Rocket

    • If you do a little more research you will find
      BOBE didnot go public in 1986. Do a little home work
      your self. I know when BOBE went public, but when I do
      research for people on this board people always want to
      contradict my information. We really don't care where you
      went to school, but did they teach you how to do

    • Another thing you may not know. Bob Evans owned a
      small truck stop in southeastern Ohio.
      Breakfast was
      a large portion of his business-he served it all
      day long:so Bob wanted to make sure he was serving a
      quality sausage to his customers. Now the company has
      since changed the recipe of his sausage. They used to
      serve their sausage at a lot of the fairs. I have told
      you enough now, I doubt you would appreciate hearing
      the whole story of Bob Evans anyway.
      THE GOOD

    • I case you didn't know it miboman, Bob Evans started business in 1963.


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