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  • primemeridian primemeridian Jul 27, 2001 12:00 AM Flag

    hard to believe......

    that of all the serious investors on this board, nobody has mentioned the annual report!

    looks like another nice increase in sales numbers......the company is still doing the slow steady growth thing.....

    cool.....the company is worth more and more every day.....wether the street wants to price the shares accordingly or not.......

    that's ok.....I'll hang on

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    • riboflavin, airbag and primenumber, as we seniors say, grab an efferdent. you guys are much to heated. anyone talking about holding a stock for 15 years who is disatisfied, is either disengenuous,or a prevaricator. management seeks its own level of shareholders. in this case, a match i might add.

    • Miboman, I think I have made it clear that until the mid 80s BOBE did great. NO complaints. Since the mid-eighties it has been a dog. Now I'm complaining. I don't think it needed to be a dog for the last 15 years. I blame the leadership(or lack of) for the poor shareprice appreciation.

      Why didn't I sell 15 years ago. Easy call in hindsight. At the time I decided if BOBE could keep apace the market, I'd be way ahead because of taxes. I was wrong. However I've made plenty of good decisions in the market and am comfortable with my investing in general.

      I am not a short, I want the company to do well. Judging from past proxies I have more incentive for the stock to go up than many members of the board of directors.

    • I see that Prime's comments got some life into this forum. That is always refreshing.

      I just have a couple of observations to add. I find that the stock seems to bounce around too much to say it always goes up just before the meeting. It may seem that way, but it goes up and down other times too.

      I also found the comment about holding on to this "loser" since 1972 interesting. While the stock price hasn't done much in the last 5-10 years, there were about 20 fairly good years from 72 until the early/mid 1990's. Can't say it has been a loser that entire time.

    • just kiddin' chick, of course they have to hold annual stockholder's meetings.....

      I WISH I had the clout to convince a company like BOBE to hold meetings!......

      but I was just kidding......glad to see you're paying attention!

      good luck

    • Hey, prime the stock goes back down after the annual meeting though. I am so glad you get them to hold the meeting, I always thought it was a law they hold an annual meeting.


    • hey, chick, that's right! the stock always goes up ahead of the annual meeting!.....

      good thing I was able to get them to agree to hold the annual meetings every year!

    • Yes, Prim you are right the stock will go up some just before the annual meeting so the insiders will not get too much of an ass chewing.


    • and it seems that most of my successes in life come when all the "naysayers" are saying "nay"!

      ok....last post today

      (BTW, speaking of shareprice, I see bobe's uptrend is intact).......

      time to go splash

    • i too wonder about a guy who sits on a loser for years, then complains. not much has changed with bobe, or with airwolf. whether he is correct or not doesn't matter, the deck is stacked. losers complain, winners say deal.

    • angi, you're right....I really was being childish in my last post, but in a way I felt I was defending myself......

      you may also be correct about the possible link between lucalleli and airwolf......I notice they both came on the message board about the same time (about the time the shareholder proposals were being defeated last year, I think) with cryptic messages back and forth..........(I still wonder if airwolf is "Larry" something who made the one shareholder proposal last year)........

      and I still have to wonder about a guy who buys shares in a company, the share price goes down, then rather than find a better company to invest in, prefers to feel bitter against the management while holding a loss for years and years..........

      for example, wouldn't it have been better to take a 10 point loss on BOBE and invest the balance in something like INTC a few years back?.........wouldn't that have been much better than whining and complaining about the corporate jet for that same period???

      but then, I suppose my time would be better enjoyed splashing around in the pool today rather than entering my childish replys on a yahoo message board........

      so with that, I bid ado......

      ps, thanks for your support of management

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