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  • agilepoly agilepoly Oct 31, 2005 12:26 PM Flag


    this is undervalued, but what triggered the recovery today?

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    • rossum_01: Yes, I'll check in the Houston papers, as I live in the Houston area. I'm certain that the four existing docking stations in the U.S. are presently expanding and that at least 2 more docking stations are under construction now. But, I'm not certain about the other 6 that were scheduled for construction.

      Just heard on Bloomberg TV yesterday that the U.S. expansions were on schedule. Also, that the retail price of LNG was much more favorable in foreign countries, so, not much LNG has been shipped to the U.S. yet. They said that we'd better pray for warm weather or else the N.E. is going to have gas shortages. Presently the LNG being imported to the U.S. docking stations is being blended into the existing gas pipeline supply, and this will continue at an increased rate. The future looks very good for LNG shipping and TGP should have no problems leasing out their LNG ships. JMHO

    • I would suggest checking the Houston Chronicle for articles relating to the new post near Lake Jackson, Texas. I think there was some not in my backyard resistence due to the threat of terrorist attacks, but it was mild down here. I don't know how the NE would react.

    • Let me clarify that the estimate of 12% yield on my original TGP stock investment is anticipated as short-term growth occurs. Based on the news of 12 new LNG ships being installed in this program for the next couple of years shows great potential for this projected short-term growth. TGP appears to have excellent potential, based upon the initial plans and projections.

    • Perhaps the pending issuance of 4, possibly 4.6 million additional shares is causing the current pullback in the units. This decline is thoroughly unusual in that there is obvious reason internally nor a big general decline in LNG tankers.
      Seeking a 12% yield on TGP would require a decline in price to about $13 based on the $1.65 annual distribution projected. This seems unrealistic in light of the deep pockets sponssorship of Teekay Shipping and the connection to the Qatar/Exxon LNG operation. The projected distribution appears to many of us as a minimum, likely to be honored by the GP. Growth would appear to be almost guaranteed with Teekay committed to building its LNG transport business via TGP.
      Unless natural gas consumption worldwide tapers off for some unknown reason the prospect for LNG transport from production sites such as Qatar, Trinidad, Australia, Nigeria, etc to consumers in Japan, China, Korea, India, the US, and others seems a no brainer. Receiving terminals can be sited where needed. NIMBY isn't universal.

    • Whisper #'s must be good. We'll see Wednesday. I'd say it's a good sign though...

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