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  • salpleasego salpleasego Apr 30, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    Linkedin vs Monster

    Industry growing 17% YoY - Linkedin at 80% and Monster at -10 to -20%.

    Monster revenue flat 2010 to 2012 - only bump between was Hotobs purchase for $225M.
    Linkedin increased nearly 400% - $243M to $972M.

    Linkedin will have more revenue this year than Monster has every had in it's history.

    Linkedin will have 2x Monster revenue this year.

    Linkedin spends 2x more on R&D in a quarter than Monster will make in Sal adjusted earnings - you know the non GAAP hey we just don't count any of my many, many, many mistakes in the earnings.

    etc. etc. etc.

    The big lie - that once the economy improves Monster will dominate....just not true everybody else has been growing for years and monster shrinks.

    The problem is whatever Sal focuses on he destroys.
    Buy stock $400M+ - stock plummets.
    Buy companies $600M+ - worth $0 - big write off - but that's not real money - it is the loss last year was real money spent in previous years that turned out to be worthless.
    Focus on growth markets overseas - bust sold at a loss.
    Now focus on US and EU - going to bust - whatever Sal focuses on turns to dust.

    Get out while you can - the million shares dumped last week was a test - stock is only up this week on light volume with the shorts ready to gun this. Expect 20%+ loss on earnings - if you have shares or RSU's please sell now.

    Sal please go, please go to your farm and retire. You are the worst CEO/leader this company has every had (you might be the worst CEO of all time for any company) and that's saying a lot.

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    • Linkedin is where jobless professional (who has $$$) is looking for a job. Monster is where poor people are looking for a job: two different worlds! Whenever a jobless people is looking for a job, Monster and Linkedin are where other people are stealing your info.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Dude arent you tired of posting the same ba$h zillion times.

      Probably only two longs left in this board are investus and myself.

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      • Sorry, but how is it bashing if true! Should we put rosy red lip stick on a Pig. What has changed in the 5 years that Sal has been entrusted with Monster? Technology is Obsolete, Spent cash on a stock buy back, bought Hotjobs and ChinaHR, that are effective write offs. Sales have been on a slide or flat since effectively 2009, and there is nothing that you or Monster can say that has turned that around. Are you tired of posting dribble and no facts?

      • I thought you learned your lesson and got out - sorry you are about to be $100K in the red by the end of the week.

        My statements have been right - you have provided nothing but hope that for some reason after 5 years Sal will figure it out and fix things and that the stock is at 1/2 revenue.

        The pig was shopped - all the PE got a look and since then it's down 50% - there is a reason because there is no hope. Sal would take a $6 or $7 offer right now - he would $hit his pants for $10 again - not going to happen.

        Sorry about your future loss.

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