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  • whowasmonsterfor200 whowasmonsterfor200 Aug 23, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    Ballmer Retirement Sparks MSFT Rally...What If Sal Leaves?

    If Ballmer leaving MSFT drives a 7% spike...what would happen if Sal left Monster? At least a 20% bump.

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    • It really is the only thing he can do but he doesn't have the b@lls to do it.

      The problem is all the friends and family he has around him - they have no place to go and if he leaves he knows the next guy is going to fire 100 of his friends. Everybody close to Sal is eating well because that's the way he does things and they'll starve without him.

      It may also be too late since they are in debt and losing market share and revenue by 10% yoy. They will not do $200M in revenue this quarter - market cap is below $500M again - etc.

      EU is recovered (not recovering - but recovered) the US has been in recovery for years and yet still revenues are declining. The company and product are broken it's an internal issue not an external one but he's going to say it is until his last day.

      He has to step in soon and borrow more money to buy stock or we will fall through the $4.00 barrier soon.

      It's not over - it's OVER!

    • I would say more than that. Leadership makes a difference, but more important, it makes a difference in what the rest of the executives are doing and should be doing and the employees see the chaos. Like Microsoft, Monster has floundered in its products, execution, and more important lost track of what it customers are looking for from those products.

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