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  • salpleasego salpleasego Aug 5, 2014 8:15 AM Flag

    As expected

    $194.4M in revenue down $5.5M from last year.

    North America - down sequentially $1.3M but up $0.6 YoY (slightly better than trends but Sal made a big deal about sequential growth last quarter this time it will be YoY for NA.)

    International - down sequentially $2.4M and YoY $3.9M - again last month Sal pumped this one but I said EU is so uneven and it was down.

    IAF - down sequentially 38K and YoY $2.4M not a surprise.

    $9M in stock based compensation - really - what would it be if things were good $900M? These 'leaders' should have options only - if the company stock goes up they get money. They don't even pay for the RSU shares taxes out of their large salary and bonuses. Note Sal math doesn't count this expense in their EPS which is a joke. Put that in and EPS is negative.

    2M shares bought at $12M @ $5.88 - but remember $9M in stock based compensation so in essence they didn't buy back that many shares and they have to do this every quarter to keep things from diluting. 25% of shares 'retired' and the stock is still down.......?

    Next quarter......oh boy $0.00 to $0.04 NON GAAP excluding share based compensation of $8M or $0.08 a share so we are going to loose $0.04 to $0.08 next quarter just when all the changes are kicking in - really.

    How in the name of anything holy does the board let this madness continue?

    Will the trolls that call in on the conference call ask the tough questions for a change?

    Sal why has everybody but Monster succeeded over the last couple of years?
    Sal why should we believe you?
    Sal why are you still here - please go?

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    • No surprise that they missed both revenue and earnings. Question for you- Why do you think the stock price is rebounding from down nearly 20% to down around 12%? Is Sal buying again or are there investors who were expecting much worse and are taking a gamble for Q3?

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      • Good question - I'm not sure I know.

        It's typical on a big run down that it bounces off the low. The volume is 'light' compared to some other sell offs (like 20% one quarter - 10M shares) so it's not shorts covering either.

        I don't think Sal is allowed to purchase during the quiet period but I could be wrong. Overall he isn't buying enough to move the needle - he can only buy a small percentage of the daily float.

        It's really where do we go from here - do you believe the story? My guess is we will test $4.00 soon but that's just me.

        I just don't see how the board hasn't terminated him.

    • Why would you believe anything he says?

      Linkedin is only $150K+ jobs?

      2 Years he's planned for the change and he messed up the execution with missed sales?

      He doesn't believe passive candidates are better than active candidates - hello linkedin 3x bigger?

      He believes Monster is a premium brand - when it's in 4th place? Competitors are dropping prices and growing 25 - 45% YoY. Shouldn't the 'cost' of posting a job go down over time? Volume should = lower prices?

      He has seen positive signs every quarter for years now - yet every quarter is down either sequentially or YoY except when he bought Hotjobs and that boosted things for a little bit.

      Bookings were down except we saw bright spots - if you are seeing bright spots all the time when things continue to go down maybe you need glasses?

      He can't compete or won't compete with the competition, he can't execute, he can't hire the right people (or keep them - Darko), he doesn't instill confidence in his speak (marbles), he changes the plan all the time (buy this, build that, sell the company, aggregate), he blames everybody else, he can't buy a company that adds value, he can't buy enough stock to stop the bleeding (it's lower again than what he paid for stock last quarter.)

      Sal please go.

    • oh no Deferred Revenue is off the cliff.

      $315.8M down from $341.9M last quarter and $329.5M last year.

      No way revenue can go up next quarter or even Q4 based on that - that is really bad and shows the business is not improving, in fact it's getting worse.

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