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  • cameroninbaghdad cameroninbaghdad Mar 14, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    Shorted more at 17.72

    Down $3k with my new short position and another $12k from before. I a feeling good though about this short. Another insiders sold more shares and the sudden flash to 17.04 this morning is a sign of things to come. The short position hasn't hurt me much cause my SRPT position was on fire today. If this keeps going up I've decided I'll keep shorting. Next short price to add would be 18.25 now. Bring it on bicthes!

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    • I missed the flash drop early on, thanks for pointing that out.
      Glad to hear about SPRT! Up 8%? That's on fire indeed. My tesla position took a complete nose dive, but I was glad because I had sold calls with a strike of 39 and yesterday it was at 39.50 and they would have been assigned friday. Now it's at 36.50. Ouch, but at least those calls expire worthless.

      IRWD never hit 17.75, it was a penny short of that so I never shorted more. If this goes up to 18.25, that would be painful indeed.

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      • Look at them pump this POS! First Corrupt Credit Suisse upgrades them with a ridiculous $25 target then they shoot it up over 50 cents pre market with just 400 shares volume.

        Someone has a large position and wants to unload to make some serious fat cash. The best way to do that is pump this sucker up making people believe its a great stock and great drug then smash it down. Wall street loves nothing more than to steal money from the public. Looks like I'll have my wish to short more at 18.25. After that I'll look to adding more at 19. It not a question of if this stock will crash, just when.

        I work as a Retail pharmacist part time and full time as a consultant pharmacist in nursing homes full time. Since this drugs was approved I have never seen it used in a nursing home pt (which makes sense cause its so unpredictable it could kill a frail elderly person) and also have not seen it prescribed in retail. I even called a few of my pharmacist friends who work at busy stores and they tell me they don't stock it and haven't even heard of Linzess. Finally, go on IBS forums or read Linzess drug reviews online. 9 out of 10 reviews are negative saying either it didn't work or more frequently, caused unbearable diarrhea, bloating, or abdominal pain.

        This company will continue bleeding cash and diluting shareholder value until Synergy get there drug approved and takes over the lions share of the market from Amitiza, not Linzess. Ironwood will slip into the abyss and trade someplace around the market cap of Succampo, around $200-300 million. Anyone who thinks Linzess will be a billion dollar drug is a fool.

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