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  • wpw169 wpw169 Sep 24, 2010 4:42 AM Flag

    Reverse share split

    PTN@AMEX PALATIN TECHNOLOGIES INC announced a reverse split effective 20100927. The terms of the split are 1 : 10.
    ISIN : US6960773041

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    • Before reverse $0.10 split 1: 10 price equivalent to $ 10 or $0.10 before reverse split price comparision..

    • I see two scenarios for this company.

      !. Someone sat management down and told them to simplify their business plan and focus on the existing drugs and patents in the pipeline. This may have been investment bankers or future partners. They probably explained to them that they need a higher stock price so that institutions would invest in the company for future financing on future products. The conference call will indicate to us what is proposed.

      2. The American exchange told them they were going to be delisted unless they did a reverse split. They complied. The patents are firm and the trials are going forward. It really doesn't matter how many people are working there. We need just one person to report the trials to the FDA and one person to obtain future partnerships.

      Your choice or someone can propose another game plan.

      It takes time.

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      • I agree that some of you need to slow your roll, be a little less aggressive about making people suspect and dig a little before you blast. If you are that anxious, shaky, nervous or broke, then in my opinion, you don't belong in A) investing in bio and B) in this company specifically.

        (((slow down)))

        $1.40/1 this morning felt great to scoop. Talk about being up!!


    • I am trying to believe your are not being misleading but really - give me one star boys for telling the truth - you do not have to be "cleared" to submit a protocol or request a Type B or C meeting. There is no "requirement" that is gating -companies can just submit a protocol as part of a meeting request. And granting a meeting has no predictive value about what the outcome might be. So you are, simply put, just wrong in your simplification.

      And I do not know what evidence you have that PTN is in "continuous" communications with FDA - besides the fact that doesn't happen above the project manager level, you think PTN is a top priority?

      I understand your fanboy "5 star" base loves you, but you really are out of your depth here in terms of how this all happens. And the use of the terms "cleared" and the suggestion that there is "continuous communication" is the sort of statement that, shall we say, might be construed by some folks as very positive, hence my comments.

      Hit the ignore button little boys!! You'll all be gone soon anyway and I'll await the next round.


    • There must have been a fair amount of people who knew about this today. WPM169 posted this info at 4:42 AM ET: long before the markets opened. We can call him "Scoop" from now on, even though the board spent several hours correcting him. :)

    • Yanni, I also understand your emotional ties to semantics.

      I am trying to put my thoughts in terms everyone understands. The point being, the FDA has been in continuous communication with Palatin regarding the results of the recent safety trial. What I meant by "cleared" is that the FDA has allowed Palatin to submit a protocol for a Phase 2A trial. If the safety trial didn't pass muster, there would have been no mention of a 4th quarter FDA meeting to review a phase 2 protocol. That said, I still believe cardiovasular effects are an issue, hence the need an additional phase 2A "in-clinic" study (ie dose optimization when combined with a PDE5 inhibitor) as opposed to a phase 2B "at-home" study.

      Let's see what Palatin has to say on Monday.

    • Your feelings are very important. But notwithstanding your emotional ties to PTN the FDA doesn't "clear " a compound for further development without the actual protocol for the Division to review and approve.

      But no offense- given the other news this is IMO no longer a major factor....
      We shall see.

      IMO etc

    • This sets the stage for the next seconday offering.. they need money (restucturing) and now that the share price is higher they will be able to increase share count. This offering should amount to the market cap divided by thenew number of shares... with a slight drop afterward on the news

    • This news was posted on Fidelities web sight at 3:16 am... I posted it a cut of it in another note around 4PM today

      This was not inside information

    • um no I disagree, I doubt many people knew this, and I'm afraid of a freaking bloodbath on monday

      but still I hope you're right

      not that it matters, as I say it's a 18 month (ok 6-18 month) wait anyway

      best not to look but I can't resist

    • Seems like a lot of people (other than me) knew this was coming. Still we only had a fairly small drop along with fairly decent volume today. Maybe that's a good sign.

      Trying to stay positive.

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