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  • richre12 richre12 Oct 3, 2011 9:18 AM Flag

    $10 mil

    Seems kinda light based on at least my expectations, but a good thing nonetheless.

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    • caffy/tempdfy,

      Nice to be here again. Did bring back some good old memory. :) I haven't done any research/trading on IMOS quite a while but was impressed by the run to $10.

      Just want to say hi and wish everyone has good trading.

      Live long and prosper!!!


    • Hello Money,

      So good to see you! You are right....nothing has changed here.....

      Caffy has been as delusional as ever. Last year, he had been pushing for $6 pps before this stock went bust. (see below) This year, he has been pushing for $25 pps and the stock is biting dust as we speak. Last year, you had correctly called the top at $2 and sold part of your position. (see below) I believe you got completely out around $1.60 or so. But that is not what caffy has been telling this board about you! Both he and misterbob (who I believe had lost a bet to you about IMOS) have been bad mouthing you behind your back!!!!

      Re: Partial out @ $2 3-May-10 02:59 pm 2 is my target based on my research. Just got Lucky this time. Rating :
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      Re: Partial out @ $2 3-May-10 05:19 pm Could you share the research with us. What kind of info do you look for. If my Target was $2 and it went from $1 to $2 in a week I would have sold my whole position out in the $1.90 range as it started to fall. My own DD gives me a target of $6 based on fundermentals not just picking out a number in the air. How did you arrive at a $2.00 target, is that short term or a year out?

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      Caffy's stupidity is not his worst part though. His worst parts are that he is dishonest, misleading and uncivil!

    • Money, good to see you back. I have never told anyone not to sell nor do I have a proplem with anyone selling. I was under the assumption that we all list the facts as we see them and everyone do their own investing. I believe that I never posted anything that was not fact. Just because I don't want to sell should not effect anyone else. I believed 2 years ago IMOS was very undervalued and even when IMOS reached $10 it was still way undervalued. You have always had good insight to whats happening in the market place and have made your bets accordingly. You also know how undervalue this company is and have reacted on business conditions to buy or sell IMOS. I have no problem with your choices. What I don't think you or I should do is tell people to buy or sell. We don't have a crystal ball and are not able to predict the price movements. I know you told the board last year to sell @$1.2 and the stock went down to $.95 soon after. But you also did not tell the board to buy back in when the stock went post split 1 month later from $5.00 to $10. Lets just keep posting the facts and let the investors decide how to trade it. I for one am willing to wait and hopefully get true value which I believe is north of $20.

    • Just read an interesting price war between IMOS and chipbond and thought I should see what is going on here after I sold long time ago.

      Well, nothing has changed. IMOS went up and then down. Caffy still bully good MB fellow for taking profit.

      Funny, just too funny.

    • i won't hold my breath for you to respond to this is something new for you anyway.....theres somthing very strange about an investor like have never sold one share in five years i've been on this board....never....nothing ever happens as well or good as you predict.....not the earnings, not the split, not the buyback, and of course we will never see a dividend because thats money out of tiawanese hands to us.....and could actually add value to the pps here...your a very strange investor indeed....and leader of this some........

    • Blu, not sure what happened to you, but you have gone over to the dark side. I hope you are ok after the fall as it sounds like you have amnesia. This will be my last response to you until you wake up. And by the way, again you spell it Taiwanese and it is not (yur) but (your) English major fool.

    • your as thick as thieves with the tiawanese board.....and yur english and spelling are keep moving the goalposts for all the investors who follow could be a fraud...

    • blu in America we spell it (Taiwanese) not as you spell it tiawanese. You might want to think about your own intelligence before you blast someone else.

    • Just enough to cover the options management has issued to themselves. We are getting screwed again. My gutfeeling was correct, this company and management smell

    • Full agreement here.

      When you look at the total number of shares involved, it's slightly more than the new share authorization from September 21.

      On the other hand, these shares should be purchased soon (rather than over the 10-year time period covered by the share authorization). Even 10K shares per day means buying pressure under current market conditions.

      So far, the market seems to agree with the sentiment that this doesn't mean a whole lot.

      Good luck to the longs.


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