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  • memoryxpert memoryxpert May 24, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    A pleasant trip to the US

    SK will be presenting at the Criag-Hallum conference next Wednesday.

    How about a press release Monday announcing a $0.10 per quarter dividend, and change in the buyback algorithm to where they'll be active at these levels..

    It would generate much more buzz and interest, and clearly demonstrate that this is responsive, investor friendly management.

    This would cost IMOS about $20 million over the next 12 months, while probably adding $100 million in market cap over a number of days.

    It would make for a much more pleasant trip to the US?

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    • i'll believe it when i see it.......these greedy clowns won't ever take a penny out of company control and put it in ours.......the street knows their not shareholder why invest.......

    • ... maybe get SK on the Mad Money show... now that would be interesting! ...

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      • I called a friend/former classmate/investment adviser whom I have known for sometime today and asked him about the Invester conference and about IMOS. To keep it short, his responce was that they are following IMOS and a lead portfolio writer from their firm will be at the conference and will be looking forward to having a conversation with company officials. At this point he could only advise IMOS as a spec. play with potential.However if they take a stake in IMOS he could give a different reccomendation. However his overall though was that there were several other institutions who are following IMOS as well. For those who dont know what an Inst.writer is (and I only have a basic understanding not enough to try to explain) but it is basicly a hired gun to put together a portfolio for Institutions.Thats the best I can do with that. All this said it dosen't much unless these firms are interested enough to add IMOS to their funds or reccomend to clients.Lets hope for a good outcome!

    • Memory;
      Tried to respond to your earlier post about liking Sep options twice but my post were not accepted.Still do not know why.agree that is best move.That being said bought 200 June 15 calls today.Bought 100 at .25 with stock 12.10.When stock dropped under 12 put in a .25 bid for1000.Got nothing. Cancelled after 5 minutes.Put .25 bid in for last 30 minutes for 500 and got 100 more.Can not beat the bang for your buck here.I figure they make a divvy announcement in the next 2 weeks or It ain't gonna happen.Good luck to the long's.

    • OK. thanks for the response.

      But short??? are you kidding me?

    • Just curious. For this investor conference, SK will be the main presenter. Not that he does not know English, but he is not a native English speaker and sometimes the accent gets in the way and make it difficult to understand what he said.

      For investors who are not familiar with the company, it is important to have someone who can grab attention immediately and present the information clearly. I am not sure if there will be another native English speaker to compliment SK if there is a need to clarify things.

      Any thoughts?

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      • I don't see it as a problem. While it would be great if he were Olivier, his English comprehension is basically perfect, and speaking is decent. Moreover, if you look back 2004-2006, when he had coverage, and attended conferences, he spoke then, and the stock, split adjusted (ie apples-to-apples with today's share count), traded at $20-$40 (check the chart). So, he was able to regularly get in front of people, with a much worse company than today, and get investors behind the stock.

        Finally, most of his day will be spent in 1-on-1s with more serious institutions (ie those really contemplating to pull the trigger on buying). In those meetings, he can clarify things as much as is requested of him.

        Not a reason to be short my friend.

    • Well said and I agree 100%

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