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  • caffeine444444 caffeine444444 Oct 15, 2012 7:59 PM Flag

    Another spin on today's pre announcement

    Very unusual for IMOS to pre announce but I believe they did this because they might have a material announcement to make. They must disclose up to date information prior to a major news release. I am hoping that the announcement has something to do with a Taiwan listing. Just my take but would not be totally surprised as we know that is part of the the bigger picture going forward to simplify the corporate structure and move closer to fare value.

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    • Note the ultra-low value of the money flow indicator today, all the way down to 14.90, which is by far the lowest of 2012. Combining that with the rsi minimum yesterday of 7.54 (which rose to 12.29 today), also by far the lowest value for the year, along with the long-lower-tailed bullish hammer candle seen yesterday, and there are clear signs of a bottom coming in. Note that although a higher close was not made today, a higher low, of 11.32, and a higher high of 12.29, both were made. Furthermore the MACD divergence rose slightly from -.37 on Friday to -.36 on Monday. The {12,26} and {9} still declined slightly from {-.82,-.45} on Friday to {90,-.54} yesterday. That is typical as they tend not to move up until after the the turn has receded in the rear view mirror. The turn came in yesterday when the price bottomed at 11.03. Next expect a jagged plateau. The 100 and 200 day simple moving averages were 12.36 and 12.27 yesterday and 12.35 and 12.30 today. Thus they are providing immediate over-head resistance. When they are decisively broken later this week, then the stock will make a clear lasting move higher. Look for reports on new home sales, durable goods orders, and the gdp estimate to provide catalysts for this move.

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    • Question for the board;
      Fact: There is a large seller still present who does not want the best price for their shares but is intent on driving and keeping Imos down. I do not think It's Grand haven as am hoping Morgan Stanley (Asia) has placed those shares with new long term investors. That leaves the dirt ball's who established a half million short position before the 2nd grand haven filling. Thought's ?

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    • Nice to see green on a terrible day for the market.

      Good call Caff. I'm looking forward to things progressing.

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    • East Asians (though prone to copying and cheating) do not have the gift for salesmanship that Americans -- largely of Scottish, Irish, and English -- descent have. They do not have the verbal skills. If Imos's management had been smart, maybe they deliberately brought the stock price down, to buy in themselves at a lower price by pre-announcing that the fourth quarter revenues would be down as much #$%$ from the third quarter revenues.

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    • Caff You may be giving these guys more credit then they deserve.Perhaps they are simply rank amateurs when it comes to P.R.

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