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  • caffeine444444 caffeine444444 Dec 3, 2012 6:28 PM Flag

    Sardonic. We are sorry.

    How do we get rid of this freak? I would welcome Temptyless and his side kick Steverless back if we could retire Sarydeless. I thought I have seen it all but this freak takes the cake. This nut is not for real, please someone tell me this is a joke.

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    • Caff- the real question- What blast from the past is Sardy?...Philnocando? Infernal? Severless? Dawnless? Templess? My theory- the odds are too great that there are two iriots [not a misspelling, do not want to insult any idiots out there] that would run to the IMOS thread. It has to be a disgruntled former shareholder who lost his all in the Great Recession in this stock. But I do see an evolution. Instead of mindless bashing and flight from the board to never be seen again- I see Sardy leaves wiggle room to become a long. Which makes me suspicious. Buffy!!

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      • 1 Reply to marnis123
      • Stop the hate, make the love (in da butt, for freaky fun). We can all get along. It's a stock not a girlfriend or a pet. Management is illegal aliens and we will see $6, but if they are not slimy and do a buyback it could go up first, then I'm a long. I am not prejudiced. I am not a paid basher. IMOS is terrible and Caff is Jim jones, but I am about making money. I fall in love with my wife and money, not stocks. Make good investments and trades, but no hate your fellow man.

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    • How do we get rid of you , #$%$

    • The psychological impairment is more severe than even I thought. Sardonic does not even know what gender he/she is. The world is so twisted that even that even that has been distorted. That, or the she-male is partially through a sex change during past couple of weeks and had a pair attached. A sorry sight for sure.

      Either way, dispite this, sardonic will go away when IMOS goes up. The pain will be too hard to bear to watch others reward themselves with profits, and for Sardonic to loose what little the she-male has left. Not once, but twice.

    • Do you hate him more than me? Note that Mr. Wee Willy #$%$ would not say things like this. Imos has been making higher lows since last fall. What is the justification for its going to $6/share which is lower than it has been in about a year?

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