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    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • 6. If depreciation was the same in 2012 as 2011, gross margins would be down despite higher revenue, indicating margin pressure. I have never seen anyone on this board perform this analysis - do the math, it is a fact
      7. A single analyst follows the stock - and his firm received almost $1 million in investment banking fees.
      8. Just 3 legitimate, sizable US institutions own over 500,000 shares of ChipMOS - an extraordinarily low number considering the float, market cap, and duration of time for which ChipMOS has been publicly listed.
      9. A buyback is extremely accretive. To not have one currently borders on negligence by the Board of Directors, if not incompetence.
      10 SJ and SK really enjoy the back room.

      The above are all facts (well, maybe not 10). They are not my opinion. They can not be challenged.

      When all the promoters on this board talk about $20 or $30 stock prices, that is a guess and hope, not facts. When they speak of the listing process and a high priced Taiwan IPO, that is speculation, not facts.

      The fact is, I base my analysis on facts, and all of Caff's minions base on his leadership and hope and guessing. Keep call me names, it makes all of you look idiotic. We are allowed to have different opinions. It is sad if it makes you all angry. Don't say I don't add value - point 6 above is very important, and something no one on this board mentioned before.

      By the way, I could easily cover my short and go long if I thought that's how the stock was going. They announce a buyback, I cover, go big and long, ride it up. Would a basher say that? I will make a lot of money - I always do. A fact, you would all be wise to listen to me.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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