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  • foggyswamp foggyswamp Dec 15, 2012 9:16 AM Flag

    Sardonic is Sarmillion. Slip up in identity crisis.

    perhaps 4 different people, add phil and sean to his identity. he slipped up on there when replying back to me.

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    • Foggy;
      Have you lost your mind.What are you talking about ?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to sean777007
      • sean, I could be wrong but when I insulted sard you replied as I were insulting you and you had no post prier to that.Made me wonder who was who. Sorry if this is not the case.

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      • Good luck with your long positions. Jaret, Sean, Caff, Mem, Dback, Fogg, Swind, Trump, Hedge, Silm, Marnis, jpasc, philc, inferno, turto, and all of you idiots - call up SK or SJ and ask them if they plan a buyback. Stop attacking ME, and call them, ask if they plan a buyback. Obviously in light of the daily pathetic trading someone is getting out and SK or SJ told a friend, neighbor, Steve Cohen or someone, to sell, sell, sell Mortimer. Believe what you want. Will EPS be $2.50 next year? I don't think so. $1.00 my friends. Hate me all you want. When they do $1,00 next year they will trade at 6x $1.00. And Caff, you freek of nature (much like myself), your Taiwan stock will get shorted and trade DOWN. WAY DOWN. The IPO will not rescue you.
        Someone on this board is a lier. Or someone who is a big holder is selling. Someone is selling every day. Novatek is up since earnings, Micron is way up since earnings...why wouldn't IMOS be up? You arrogant a-holes. YOu are all missing something, except someone who is selling. I am a she-male and terrible. Fine, but watch which way the stock is going. At least like most of you, I am not a jerk and lying.
        I will buy your stock at $6.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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