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  • jaretwilson jaretwilson Dec 28, 2012 2:50 PM Flag

    Yahoo rules

    Ok I've identified a couple things that make your message just phase out of existence. It will still show that someone posted at that time, but it won't show up. I'm not even sure which words I can use to explain which words you can't use, so we'll see if this post even goes through.

    You can't type anything that looks like a web address, or an eXmXaXiXl address.

    Can anyone find anything else that you can't type or it won't post properly? If so, post it here.

    I swear, the people in charge of the new Yahoo boards should be fired and then shot into the sun. I'm tempted to set up my own set of stock message boards, but it probably wouldn't be worth the time and effort.

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    • jw, if a curse word is used even the h or s or d word it will kick it out, also if it is a link . Also if who you are replying to a poster who has a word block set under their post it will not let a reply go through. If someone has you blocked on their reply it want let you reply and with some of the characters on here you and others could be blocked under their posts. Try starting new topic before posting. I think some of you guys are blocked because of some of the others post are the same characters. Seems the guys who know Imos the best are the ones who are blocked the most.It seems as though someone is trying to keep your post blocked, also see my remarks in using Google chrome instead of just Google or IE to log in to yahoo finance. It may be more to it than this but It has proven to be true on my post. Hope it helps.

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      • Davegras-can't answer your post [this is Marnis from a friend's SN] but answering from a post from Foggy- great job Yahoo. Clarifying my opinion- management is not stupid. The Underwriters are not stupid. The Taiwan investors are not stupid. I expect close to fair value after the IPO happens and the Thailin situation unwinds.Also I still suspect there is something we do not fully understand in this long,long process. SPIIL is involved in the process which I assume is a good thing [and remember they sold a bunch of shares taking a hit for the home team to get this ball rolling.] February and the next CC will be salient. In mid-March they will not be able to delay explaining what is going on- Exactly. So I await that CC to determine my nxt move.

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