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  • silmarilion123 silmarilion123 Jan 22, 2013 8:59 PM Flag


    See any post for how you #$%$ luing bullyikg jerks have largely led to unrealized losses. #$%$ u all to hell!

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    • Did you forget to take your meds that day silly?

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    • I do not think silmarilion was here just for over 1000 shares, maybe just to confuse all of us here. But since he is gone, we will go up from here.

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    • For those of you who bet on:

      B) Personality disorder (even money)

      please proceed to Window 4 to pick up your winnings.

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      • I was expecting a photo finish between E and G! The dark horse wins again.

        I eventually put him on ignore. Seriously though, he has issues. Endless pointless drivel, and now he blames other people for him losing money rather than realizing that this is a fantastic opportunity if you have a bit of patience. Sure, none of us are happy it's this low, and unlike silmarilion a lot of the people here have a 6 or 7 digit dollar value in Chipmos. A smart investor continually weighs the risk/reward proposition and increases/decreases the position accordingly. The idiot investor buys when things go up and panics and sells when things go down.

        Off topic, but I have high hopes for NTE's earnings on Monday, and for the rest of the year in general.

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      • Silmarilion,
        Per usual you missed the point about your compulsive behavior. Just because Yahoo doesn't police its boards doesn't mean its cool to post so many times. No one polices guys who wipe their noses with their shirt sleeves either but its still annoying to see and considered rude. Even when you're on ignore you pollute the board with your excessive posting. This message board is not your personal diary. Try this: gather all those wonderful thoughts that come to mind throughout the day and put them in one post. One post! Then go to the back of the line and wait your turn.

    • you dumb #$%$, go sell used cars, maybe you would be better at that. If you are relaying on message board posters for advise, you should be doing something else other than investing.. start a gr#$%$ cutting business then you can curse the mower for running over the shrubs...what an idiot

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