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  • sean777007 sean777007 Jan 31, 2013 6:18 PM Flag

    Chinese water torture

    Would be easier to take then then this " #$%$ slapping " Imos takes day after day.Would not care If management strapped on a set and bought back stock.S.K./S.J. Learn to play the game.Buy back the stock BEFORE Cowen coverage/ESM listing.Imagine where we would be If these guy's were not " shareholder friendly ".Only wish I was as diversified between Imos/NTE as Jaret.Back to " hold ".How can I be " Stong buy " when management is not ? Disgusted.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • If it makes you feel any better, I sold a bunch of NTE a year ago around the $5 level to buy more IMOS.

      They should definitely be doing a buyback now, the timing is perfect. I think they've become a little hyper-focused on this listing business though.

      I do wish Mosel was gone, can't wait for that overhang to disappear. They've really been screwing us. With this low volume it's taken a while to get rid of their shares.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Jaret;
        Thank you for making me laugh.I also have sold position's In order to buy more Chipmos.Sold remaing GGP position at around 17 to buy Chipmos at 16.Good new's was bought GGP at average price of .49 cent's and did not start selling till over 12.Best trade of my life.Lot's of bonehead trades since.Hope for all the loyal long's that management revisit's buyback issue.Really wish they were pro-active V.S. Reactive.Buyback should be in place in case Mosel decides to push us lower.Desperate people do desperate thing's.
        Time to open a nice bottle of wine and appreciate my good health.To all a good weekend.Cheers.

        Sentiment: Hold

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