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  • sardonicwanker sardonicwanker Mar 18, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    Don't be a tool Caff

    Caff asks why I would consider going long when I have said IMoS would only earn $1 this year. Well maybe my estimate was wrong. It is possible. I don't care about pride or ego. I know I am awesome. I don't fall in love with stocks. I can admit when I'm wrong. And even now I made money on my short.

    But I am good enough to change my view. I just want to get paid.

    But Caff. He admits nothing. He said buy at $19, we're going to $30. He gave it to many people in their tight cracks (he enjoys). Any apology ever? Any I'm sorry. Rah rah. Cheerleader but he gave big bloody anass to many people.

    I happy to be long I happy to be short. Just about money. Things change. Caff no say sorry not change. If I buy $11 how many have avg cost of $11. I still do fine and you all be jealous that I not get screw badly. Ha!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Imos is not a buy above 15. It is a buy below 10. Between 10 and 15 it depends on how it is trending.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Sardiless, I can't predict the stock price but I do know how to valuate it. Based on its peers trading in Taiwan $30 should be in the cards. I am not a flip floper like you. I will stick with my thesis until something would change and not the stock price. I am talking about fundamentals and market conditions. You were the one last Friday saying gross margins were going to be 6-12% in the 1st quarter and we were in for a real bad day Monday. Look at your posts and you will realize what a fool you really are. maybe the best thing you should do is not post unless you have real concrete info to add not just opinions with baseless facts.and also please stop talking how great you are, your score card is not to great. You told us to short Novatek and it went up 20% since your call and you told us to buy AMCC in the mid $9's and now in the mid$7's. I don't tell anyone to buy but just give them info as I see it. We all need to do our DD on our own. You are a terrible trader and will cost people money if they follow your baseless picks. One least thing and then I am done with you. Most of all the longs here are not traders but are long term investors waiting to capitalize on this true diamond in the ruff. And yes there are many investors here that have a cost basis lower then $5 so don't think you are so clever.

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      • Caff;
        Do not waste your time rising to their bait.Phil/temp/sardi/Infernal/silmarilion They are all the same.Sardi Is already starting to lose It.Trying to claim he Is about to go long.Sooooo sad.He Is right about one thing.Time to get on the North bound train.Cheers.

      • you say you cant predict the stock price yet thats all you have done over the last year . Do I need to keep posting your direct quotes ? Your a fraud

      • First, you are very cute when you give a long speech. So cute. I would mate you.

        B, you know how to value? Hmmm at $19 you say buy not sell and it drops to $8. Market says value not $30. Oh, long term value. I understand. Long term we all dead. In meantime you make lots of sphincter bleed with your great value knowledge. Value knowledge like dilldo barbed wire style.

        I make money on NOK short, aig long MSFT short and intel short and mlnx short and IMOS short. I make money on AMCC bought at $5.03 averaged and told here at $6.80. I not #$%$ anyone. I get wrong and admit. I still think losing share. If IMOS grow 5% this year is much less than customer. Very sukky. But I probably long tomorrow bc stock goes up.

        Yes, flip-flop and Steve Cohen is idiot bc he is trader. You are so much smarter than him. Big hairy arrogance man.

        But I do think you make me very excited (sezually).

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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