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  • sean777007 sean777007 Apr 1, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

    Question for the board

    Why are we the only company on the NASDAQ that announces a buyback and then wait's a month to start buying ? Day's like today would not annoy me If I knew we had retired another 35,000 shares today.If we had started buying the day of the C.C. We could have retired another 350,000 shares at great prices.Intelligent responses appreciated.Silm/Sardonic please don't.Cheers.

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    • Sean- the process has started. Management has a strategy which,and I have been very critical in the past, I believe is a winner. The EMS listing is imminent. Buybacks after the lisiting. Coverage after the lising. I could not help myself. I just bought some more, though i am loaded to the gills. I think the risk/reward here is awesome.

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      • Considering how small the float is, and the volume that has traded these past 2 weeks, I would think that Mosel might be selling. I can't see who else would be selling so many shares at these prices. The seller is either short sighted, or desperate for cash.

        IMOS had better get this stock up soon, because at some point in the future, someone will be putting in a bid to buy the whole company in one shot.

        This is fustrating.

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    • I would say that in this case, the IPO price can change right up till the day before it is issued. Buying back stock a couple of weeks before isn't advisable. If stock drops after it IPO's. and they were buying back stock just prior, that is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

      Good news is that they stock didn't pull back too much today in this bad tape after the huge runup. I was hoping we would hold $13, but today was pretty bad and many stocks sold off 3+%. My guess is that we will be higher in two weeks time, and IPO price will also rise.

      Thalen stock price is trading at a level when Chipmos was $16 last summer. Although their is other aspects to Thalen stock price, a good chunk of it is Chipmos equity. A good indication that Taiwan investors might think Chipmoss will be worth more than the current price.

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