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  • caffeine444444 caffeine444444 Jul 1, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    Roll Call

    Vegas here we come. Who is in and what month works best. I will compile all the info. It has been a long 6 years but now out of the teens. Thanks to all for staying calm through the ups and down and help mantain our positions. It would have been very easy to sellout but as we all believed fudamentals will win in the end.

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    • Caff,

      Keep me informed about Vegas if you don't mind. I got into IMOS a little late, but have very much enjoyed reading and following the IMOS board, and what a pleasure versus so many other yahoo boards. I wish I could contribute more, but it's hard to add much to such a sharp group and I'm probably still somewhat of a novice compared to many of you, trying to learn though. It would be great to meet some of you in Vegas if it works out for me. I had the unfortunate luck of being way too heavily invested in NTE. Still in the red from that but IMOS has helped a lot and I would like to show a little appreciation.


    • As I have said in the past....great board and great source of industry information. Thanks caffeine444444, memoryexpert, jaretwilson and many more for keeping everyone well informed.
      While old timers have done well - I am happy to get on board in March 2013 @ 12.6.
      Count me in for LV if it is next year.

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      • Yay, we have finally hit $20!!!! I too would like to give a big thank you to Caff and the many others on this board who have kept my faith in IMOS up over the years. I truly would have cut my losses and sold out numerous different times over the years if not for Caff's very logical reasoning to keep IMOS. The funny thing is that IMOS still isn't even yet up where I initially bought in about 6-7 years ago (which was ~$6, or $24 post split), nor near where I loaded up after that (which was at $7.40, or nearly $30 post-split). The 2008/2009 days were very scary and bad, but in retrospect was a huge opportunity that allowed many of us crazies to get in at extremely low prices. My lowest buy was $0.19 ($0.76 post split) in Nov/Dec 2008, although I sold plenty of shares too in the $0.20s to $0.50s which I would love to take back now. I've love to try to get to Vegas if I can make the dates work out. If not, please tip some Dom for me guys!!!

    • I'm in. Fall would be best. Last time I was in Vegas it was 101 degrees at midnight when we exited a Cirque du Soleil show. Congrats on your call so many years ago. I, too, bought a bunch at about $.60 pre-split, and I still have most of them.

    • Caff, thanks for everything. In for Vegas, would prefer fall (October) or spring (March Madness). Weather is great both of those months (70's and 80's). Pools close in November and re-open mid-March. Problem is, by March we'll be celebrating not the $20's, but the $30's!!!

    • Count me in Caff, and I don't care what month it is as my schedule is very flexible. Although I haven't been to Vegas since 1993, I have two friends who currently live there and once a definite date is set, they may have some ideas for shows, etc. for those who might be interested. Caff, as we get closer to a set date I'll contact you by email.

    • Haven't been to Vegas yet.

    • I'm in big time~!!!!!!!

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    • Thanks Caff ,, I pass Vegas, but you helped tremendously with staying this stock ... good luck and thanks again with your great DD

    • Caff, i may head for the keys soon, would like to buy you dinner or a cold one after I land that sail, even better, maybe you could join us on the boat.

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    • Long....and STRONG LIKE BULL!!! Gotta love it. Don't know about Vegas but it's tempting. Great work by all the knowledgeable contributors on this board!!...THANKS!!. It's unique for sure and a complete anomaly....a Yahoo Finance Message board that's not #$%$. Then again, good things are rare but they are worth the effort in the long run.

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