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  • enoughbsa enoughbsa Sep 13, 2013 7:55 PM Flag

    New ChipMOS Board

    I've set up a ChipMOS group as per the post by yellowfin. If you haven't received an invitation please post here and I will invite you if you're generally viewed as being a positive contribution to the board. I will share all admin functionality with the members of the group once we get set up.

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    • Enough. I think the problem was that people have to give up their email addresses and that might be a sensitive issue for some. Especially if one of sardonics 50 id's made it in and before you know it you are receiving emails for backroom supplies.

      Also, I think many invitations were lost as they don't make it through the the alias invite. I tried it for fun and if you sent out an invite to an alias, it usually gets lost (not unlike many yahoo messages). If you sent it to the email address, it makes it.

      The only thing i can think of to give anonymity and success in delivering invites, is if someone creates a new email address, and people send a yahoo email of their choice to that new email with a code number in it. That person then posts the code number on the yahoo message board under their current alias to verify the new email. Then invites sent out to verified email address.

      It's some extra work, but manageable, and might ease some peoples minds about joining. I'm not saying that this is something that should be done. But probably addresses some of the issues.

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    • Thank you everyone for your interest but there is no new ChipMOS board. Cancellation was discussed in a post called "New ChipMOS Board - Offline". Just make liberal use of the ignore function and carry on as before.

    • Sign me up please. Been a long since 2007. Haven't posted in a long time since others on this board explain it so much better but I read the posts every day.

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    • Please sign me up. I am a longtime IMOS holder, but I still believe that Caff and others (marnis, mem, jaret) should abandon this board, since we need new investors to join. I placed the morons on ignore.

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    • Please sign me up. I am a longtime IMOS holder and contributor to IMOS board.

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    • Please sign me up. Although my Yahoo ID is new I've been a IMOS long since 2005 and a daily reader since 2008. Because of the quality of the insight on this board have increased my holdings now to over 75k shares. Many thanks to Caff, Jaret, Marnis Memory et al,

      Good luck to the longs.

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    • I too would like to join. Long time seekingalpha follower.

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      • Wow, I've been out of town for 2 weeks on vacation, and not much chance to check this message board. Looks like I certainly missed out on a lot, took me hours just to read all the posts I missed. LOL, the one that made me laugh the most was the fake Silly when he said "I want to join, I can bring a lot to this new private forum". I was on the floor laughing at that one. Til someone later said that wasn't the real Silly, which almost made it even more funny that somebody was copying Silly. Then I missed Silly and his fake Silly alter-ego fighting with each other. Good stuff. Then I missed all these newbies coming out of the woodwork nonstop asking for invites into this new Forum. Who knew there were so many ppl who read but never post. And for every person who posted asking for an invite there is probably 10x as many that didn't grovel for an invite.
        Anyways, I wish I had been reading when this came up as I have a decent amount of experience, both with Private Yahoo Groups as well as with other types of Private Forums, and in fact have started one myself, so I could have helped with one here. Anyways, I think the current Yahoo IMOS Forum is VERY good, in fact its about the only Yahoo Finance stock forum I can even stomach since the others are filled with Silly and Sardonic-types x 100, too much #$%$ to even wade through. But the IMOS board is very good with only a few jokers here and there. So while I don't think a Private Forum/Group would totally be necessary for IMOS discussion only, I think it still wouldn't be a bad idea for discussion of other stocks, or even the discussion or sharing of private e-mails from the company or other things that you wouldn't want to post publically. Although I have only e-mailed SJ/SK/DP a few times, I feel somewhat awkward when posting their reply on the IMOS MB, almost like I'm doing something wrong. But I wouldn't hesitate to share this type of thing on a private forum/group. CONT'D

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    • I am interested in joining the board also. Please send me an invite.

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    • I am interested in joining the new board. Have only read to this point, but have bought MU and IMOS as a result. Thank you.

    • Please send me an invite. I've been in since 73c pre-split. I've been hovering on this message board but have never posted until now. Thanks.

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