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  • bob0472 bob0472 Sep 22, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    Any other good value plays?

    I'm searching for good value stocks. Anybody got any recommendations? My largest holding is IMOS, but I'm always on the lookout for other stocks that aren't accurately priced. Bebe at $2.62/share last year was a super value, but its getting hard to find such great opportunities. I have a long list of stocks that I would want to buy if the prices fell back, but at the moment most stocks I look at seem fairly valued. Caffeine was right about Himx but I didn;t buy enough shares when the price was low. I was still doing DD when the thing took off like a rocket. Ha ha.

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    • liwa $6.00 cash on hand $2.earnings pe 2

    • Compared another 8 stocks and saw the following 3-year price performance from best to worst: himx, imos, micron, amzn, nflx, appl, mx, tqnt. I still believe amzn and nflx are way overbought as their pe's are high, and income and margins relatively low. Appl is doing ok. Himx came up a factor of 6 this year. Imos is now still below its March, 012 high. Yes, micron has done well, being up over 100% over the last 3 years. Still think tqnt is a weak performer. MX is not much better.

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      • Compared another combination of ticker symbols over the last 3 years and found this order from best to worst: himx, imos, pii, tqnt, nflx, appl, amzn. Let's see how they did over the last year: nflx, himx, tqnt, pii, imos, appl. Well nflx is fundamentally weak and appl is fundamentally strong and appl is selling a lot of 5 c and 5s phones now and is supposed to go to 600 whereas nflx is very overvalued. Himx would be a great buy on a very deep pullback. Imos is an overhyped-underperformer. Amzn is just plain overbought. pii is a good buy down around 70 or so, but is over 120 now.

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    • bob, without boring you with details I like these 4 stocks as spec's for some 10% or so gains in the short term which you may be missed a lot more on #$%$ where we have over 15% in just a couple of weeks
      ZLUS, very cheap and could see some pop soon
      #$%$, has moved very well in the last few weeks
      GTAT, moving right along
      SGOC, once volume picks up I think this one will move to somewhere close to 5 in the short term
      I still like IMOS although I have sold off a lot of it in the 18 range, if it falls below 17 soon I will add some back
      I sold all my HIMX and if it falls below 9 I will start adding again, I have an order in at 8.50 now if it hits this again.
      Take a look at them do some DD on them as what I like about them may be different from what you are looking for in your investments.

    • I suggest SSLT, down big due to emerging market selloff. Up some since I like POT after recent selloff.

    • I had suggested Nokia to the board a few months ago...the only person who replied was sardonic who said he was short a whole bunch. I like Nokia even more with the new Microsoft deal. I'm expecting the shares to hit $8 when the deal gets approved and $10-12 by this time next year.

      I also really like Micron as many on this board are. If markets hold up, MU could hit $30 in 12 months.

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      • I agree on Nok, bought some at $3.40 and 2015 $5 Calls cuz I loved the Lumia 920 I got in May, mixed feelings on the MSFT as I think a bidding war could have got NOK more value but I'll take the price jump!

        Also RAD, I jumped in a little later than I wanted in the $2's but had my old man telling me about their restructuring for almost a year and it's finally paying dividends.

        Strong buys for HIMX, MU, INO,
        Holding strong on high hopes for IMOS

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      • I was thinking about micron too. It's stock price performance has been relatively week and its business prospects are good. It is also a solid well-known company. I made a msn money chart of 8 companie's stock price performance over the last 3 years and saw this ranking from best to worst: himx, imos, amzn, mx, dis, nflx, appl, tqnt. A lot of folks have been hyping tqnt here but its stock price performance has been lousy, not only vastly underperforming the market, but also taking a steep dive into the doldrums this year. I don't think buying a stock because it just may be a takeover target is a good move as you could end up riding it down a lot and never seeing that buyout happen. You will probably end up selling for a significant loss if you do that. MCP for example fell from around 50 to around 7 over the last couple of years.

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      • IMOS is trapped for another 2 weeks with IPO so dead money for at least 2 weeks. You can move the money over to something like HIMX and make some quick profits, then come back to IMOS.

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