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  • red900901 red900901 Mar 27, 2013 5:21 PM Flag

    With the RNAi delivery problem ** SOLVED **, "Big Pharmas will likely come back inside to take a second look."


    Solstice Biologics company founder, Steven Dowdy, says:

    "The only reason that these Big Pharmas got out of the RNAi business was because of delivery. Therefore by solving the delivery problem it will likely bring most of them back inside to take a second look."

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    • Keep making up WHOPPERS, red. You're just digging yourself a bigger hole and demonstrating your IGNORANCE.

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      • did you even see the preliminary phase 1 results? Just in single dose RXI-109 alone they were able to achieve 40% or more scar reduction. Imagine with multi dose results comes out and reduces scarring by 70 to 80%. Big pharma will be all over this. This drug alone has a market opportunity of $2.5 billion to $5 billion dollars.

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    • The "delivery" issue was a major portion of one of Cauwenbergh,s presentation not too long ago. RXI's sd-rxRNA, their own self delivery technology is expected to be utilized by any number of companies requiring delivery of their own RNAi compounds. I expect it will play a key rose in RXI's future.......

    • tommybelaysis Mar 28, 2013 9:10 AM Flag

      Oh, sure! RXI has discoverd the holy grail! Yeah, Stevie Kriegsman the accountant, did he discover it? HA!HA!HA!

      Looks to me like all they have is some shopworn IP and a press release machine!

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      • What does Steve kriegsman have to do with RXII? Anyways the person that founded RXII is Dr. Craig Mello and he and his partner won the Nobel prize for creating RNA interference. Which is groundbreaking if you saw the video. They are able to take the color of a plant and change it by stopping the messanger RNA , turning off genes.

        Think of the possibilities of diseases, being able to turn of genes in cancer,diseases, HIV etc. and stopping them. Endless possibilities. Look how well Sarepta therapeutics has done with RNA on Duscenne Muscualar Dystrophy they are able to make kids walk again, when before they couldn't.

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    • RXI-109 has a self-delivery system to deliver the medication to the problem site. This delivery system was developed by RXII for quite some time.

      RXII also has obtained two separate delivery systems from the MIT hospital probably through Drs. Mello or Fire. Three delivery systems in RXII is well protected by patents. They account for strong value for RXII.
      As far as I know, there is one other delivery system developed by another biotech company.

      The delivery sytem has been a blockage in the development of effective gene silencing to normalise problematic cells.

      This may not be a well known fact for the average person. However, it should be well known to the pharmaceutical community. I think this is one of the major reasons which Mr. Frost has made such heavy comitment on RXII. Since Mr Frost is the COB of Teva, I think Teva is very interested on RXII's 3 delivery systems.

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