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  • sooners47straight May 4, 2013 8:29 AM Flag

    I don't understand

    I am new to investing in stocks. Know nothing about it, but am trying to learn. Why are there postings that are down right negative to other posters? Why are there posters who do not believe in a stock that just bash the heck out of it. To me, if someone wants to buy stock into something, that is their choice, their money. Obviously I am rookie and I look at this and just scratch my head. Why all of the negativity? Thanks to all of the positive postings, and to all of the negative as well. But jeez.........there are people on here who act like 5 yr olds. Just my $.02.

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    • Sooners47straight:

      I have established a long position in RXII since it was spun-off from Gale more than a year ago. I have followed this message board on a daily basis since this MB came to existence.

      To develop an ability to appreciate the positive messages and to see through the empty lies of those negative writers (NWs), one should conduct thorough "due diligence" (DD) on every aspect of the company. This is the best way to verifiable truths as oppose to heresy.

      Why do we have MWs? They aim at those day-traders and those who do not conduct their own DD. They are posting negative messages which can never be verified because they want to confuse and scare people to sell their stocks cheap. They want to push the share price down so that their stock manipulators can buy low price stocks. These NWs are paid with very low wages and they work in dirty basements or in mud rooms in other countries. They have no morals and some act illegally.

      Never directly respond to their ridiculous messages no matter how upset you are because they get a bonus when people respond to their messages. Give them a "Thumbs" down and put them on "Ignore".

      RXII's competency is not well known to many investors. If you trust you DD and take up a position in RXII and have the patience to stay with it for 2 to 3 years, you will be nicely rewarded financially.

      As Rmsacc said that there are some positive investors contributing to this message board and you will be able to see them here.

      I wish you well! Happy investing.


    • sooner, you will notice most posts on this MB offer intelligent comments with facts that can be verified. These are meant to assist their fellow investors, and are truthful.

      you will notice many other posts that offer no factual information, and you will also they appear to be written by those who seem to be mentally challenged. They are always written in the negative.

      My advise is to pay attention to the former and disregard the latter.

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