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  • red900901 red900901 May 5, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    What is Self-Delivering RNAi and how has RXi Pharma solved this research conundrum?


    "RXi Next Generation Therapeutic Platform: sd-rxRNA®

    A successful RNAi therapeutic platform includes stable, specific and potent RNAi compounds and the ability to deliver these compounds to the tissue(s) of choice. One conventional solution to the delivery problem involves encapsulation into a lipid-based particle, such as a liposome, to improve circulation time and cellular uptake. Scientists at RXi have used an alternative approach to delivery in which drug-like properties were built into the RNAi compound itself. These novel compounds are termed ‘self-delivering’ RNAi compounds or sd-rxRNA.

    RNA Antisense Hybrid

    The proprietary combination of chemical modifications that results in spontaneous cellular uptake of sd-rxRNA without the need for a delivery vehicle was discovered through systematic medicinal chemistry screening. sd-rxRNAs are hybrid oligonucleotide compounds that RXi believes combine the beneficial properties of both conventional RNAi and antisense technologies."
    Source: rxipharma.c*m/sd-rxrna/

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