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  • rmsacc rmsacc Jun 22, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    A request to those of you more familiar with market mechanics.........

    note three securities registration filings dated June 21, can be found on InvestorsHub.

    Would appreciated you're take on them. Many thanks..........

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    • I'm seeing two Form S-8's. Nothing really concerning there. IMO. It looks like they are related to Employee Incentive shares of stock that has already been approved via a previous registration. IE shares already approved, but not yet issued.
      - If there is an S-3 Form out there I didn't see it. S-3's are the one's you usually have to watch out for. These are typically where the company is expanding the number of shares beyond there current limit. IE: Dilution. S-3's typically require a shareholder vote. Sometimes these can be referred to as a shelf registration. Meaning the shares are already approved by shareholders and the board of directors can pull them off the shelf as needed without further shareholder approval.

    • rms, I believe these are related to the employee incetive plans that were approved at the stockholder meeting. Not sure how this might immediately affect the float or shares out... my guess is they are thinking long term here about future employees that might be brought on board, not just current employees. have to look some more but don't have time this wknd. look at the filing related to the shareholder meeting and you should see the connection.

    • A third filing, S-3/a involving The Carlyle Group makes reference to 264 M shares, but only references RXI at the very end of an extremely lengthy form.

      Can't make heads or tails of it, can anyone?

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