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  • rmsacc rmsacc Oct 9, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    very timely how mr. hedge comes creeping around the board ...........

    when there is strong MM activity, high volume, and a very volatile pps.

    just in time to tell us all "I told you so" after the fact. says a lot about the person, and what he does, does it not.

    I for one am not impressed by him, no matter how hard he tries to dazzle the board with his brilliant understanding of the mechanics of the market.

    He has spent a lot of time and effort posting here today. can anyone guess why?

    I must admit, he does occasionally show signs of being moderately accomplished, but then again:

    his ego always gets in his way. which makes me feel that:

    he just is not very bright...............................

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    • rms, I am not "dazzled" or "impressed" either. My positing a direct question was simply trying to elicit an opinion from someone that appears (at least to me, knowing full well that anyone on a mb can be a complete liar) to have some personal experience in managing positions in a "fund". He may or may not (personally) "know the market-maker" (I highly doubt it), as there are many. All fund managers "know the market-maker"... that is how they acquire shares. In any case, he has done nothing to me and I don't have anything personal against him. And he did not (as red screams) personally drive the price down the past couple of days "in collusion with the market-maker". Look at the chart for the BTK, as I posted earlier... the entire bio-tech sector has been beaten down the past two days.

    • hedge_risk Oct 9, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

      I told you before the fact. Just like I am telling you now there will be an offering of shares to increase the liquidity to allow even a slight hope of listing on a bigger exchange.

      You can stay myopic and in your circle jerk with, Red. I don't care it's your money. It will be how you become wise and you will be jaded just like the rest.

      A company of this size should be private, there is no earthly reason for a public security with a market value of less than 50M.

      You could have just read a book instead you have wasted both time and money.

    • He is responsible for these large drops in share price by working in collusion with the market maker (his friend) to damage the stock and steal from retail investors.

      He comes on here to gloat on days when the price tanks, as it did today. He is a sick sadistic individual who derives pleasure from inflicting pain on other people.

      He seems like the kind of guy who sets cats on fire for fun. A lot of them turn into serial killers over time, with that type of moral and ethical abyss.

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