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  • secroot secroot Nov 1, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    Is ?????????????????/

    the billboard on the highway a paid promotion? is the pop up ads we all hate a paid pronmotion? is the ad during the world series a paid promotion? How much do you think these paid promotions cost each year? not all paid promotions are a pump and dump scheme in my opinion and i intend to keep a few shares of NAMG in the hope that there is oil and gas in CA------another shameless promotion is the fact that I also like stock symbol---IGEX---and it did not cost you or me a dime ---lol

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • childish loser secroot needs to lose everything, it's best medicine for dummy.

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      • perhaps aq8mar---you have been babbling here so long that you do not know what intelligent posts are----there is a very strong support level around 95 cents or 1.00 since most shares have traded around this level for the past 5-6 months------people holding those shares are going to be reluctant to sell below that and one oil well is all that it will take to make NAMG jump in share price-----share price will jump before they even start drilling that first well---i put my money where my mouth is----does that mean you are shorting or are you all mouth

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