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  • architecturaldiva architecturaldiva Jun 20, 2006 1:22 PM Flag

    consensus was 70 cent after earnings

    Just curious. Whenever I encounter a costic soul, as I believe you are, who engages in a little "USA bashing" along with whatever stock he/she is after, I like to understand the context from whence it comes.

    Looking at your country, I must say it seems like a pretty nice place. There is the anti-immegrant posture, some old border disputes with Poland and some former colonies, and, OH YEA, the Islamic cartoon issue, but so what....Your per capita GDP is only about 25% lower than ours and your life expentancy is the same! Oh, I almost forgot, the best thing about your country is that, according to Wikipedia, there are at least 500 people who list themselves as "Heathens"....I love it!

    But, one question, if you think it's "normal to get azz raped in the US of A", why are you trading in our markets? Why not stay where it's safe and warm? (Oh yea, I don't suppose it's very warm where you are.

    Hasta la vista

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